The Masked Singer Season 2 Release Date: Who Will the Judges Be?

Fox has officially announced the return of one of the most bizarre competition shows to air on its network for a second season. Yes, The Masked Singer is getting ready for its September 25 premiere, in which celebrities compete against one another in a singing contest while concealed by extravagant costumes.

Even while the premise might seem strange, the finished show is so absurd that you just can’t put it down. Each week, a fresh song is performed by famous candidates, whose names are kept a secret. The performances are then rated by a group of judges and a live studio audience, and one performer with a low score is removed. The celebrity vocalist doesn’t remove their mask and reveal their genuine name until after they have been fired.

Last year’s competition featured celebrities such as rapper T-Pain, former NSYNC member Joey Fatone, former teen idol Donny Osmond, Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling, and singer and actress Rumer Willis. With a star-studded cast and even more lavish costumes, the show now promises an even larger and better second season. Here is everything we currently know about it.

When Will Season 2 Air?

On Wednesday, September 25, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Fox, the two-hour season 2 debut of The Masked Singer is scheduled to air.


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Who Will the Judges Be?

The judges’ panel from the previous season featured actors Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger, a former Pussy Cat Doll, in addition to the occasional guest judge, such as Kenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live, comedian Joel McHale, and actor J.B. Smoove.

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For season 2, it is anticipated that McCarthy, Jeong, Thicke, and Scherzinger will all make appearances.


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According to EW, a few guest judges have also been selected for season 2, including Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson, and last year’s champion T-Pain. The return of Joel McHale as a guest judge is also planned.

What Costumes Can We Expect?

Even though the season premiere is still a few weeks away, several of the outfits for the new season have already been shown to fans. A Victorian leopard, a hot pink flamingo, an egg, a skeleton in a top hat, and an eagle are among the anticipated animals so far.

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During the September 22nd Emmy Awards, even more, costumes were made public. The red carpet was walked by a lovely ladybird, a chic Rottweiler, and a fuzzy “thingamajig.”

What Celebrities Will Compete?

Up to 16 singers may compete this season, up from the previous season’s 12 competitors, according to Entertainment Tonight.


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Fans are hoping that their favorite artists would perform because the show has reportedly stated that the star power will be even greater in the forthcoming season.

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The vocalists’ names have been kept a secret, but during the Entertainment Tonight interview, we received one piece of information: the eagle costume is “a good symbol of the superstar that’s behind this mask.

Naturally, the assumption that it will be singer Willie Nelson was made as a result of the eagle’s attire, which included a red bandana on its head and a jacket with tassels.

Frequently Asked Question

The Masked Singer is It 2022?

On September 21, 2022, the eighth season of “The Masked Singer,” the most popular reality TV series on Fox, debuted. Nick Cannon served as host once again. As celebrity sleuths/panelists, all four of the regular judges—Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger—were present.

Who Won Season 2 of the Masked Singer?

Wayne Brady is the Season 2 winner of The Masked Singer.

Former Hamilton actor and Let’s Make a Deal presenter Wayne Brady struggled to keep his identity as the Fox a secret from the show’s host Nick Cannon, but after he won, he made it clear how much fun he had on the show.

Who Participated in Masked Singer 2022’s Grand Finale?

The eighth season of “The Masked Singer” finished on a “Glee” -ful note. The winner of this season was announced on the Wednesday night finale. Singer and actor Amber Riley is best known for her role as Mercedes Jones on Fox’s “Glee” and more recent roles in “A Black Lady Sketch Show” and Lifetime’s “Single Black Female.”

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