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Titanic Actor Leonardo Dicaprio Might Have Looked Like as Spider-Man

For many Spider-Man fans, Tobey Maguire is the only person they can picture wearing the costume. In the character’s first significant live-action feature, which Sam Raimi directed and was released in 2002, the actor played the legendary Marvel superhero and his covert identity as Peter Parker.

He would return to the role in the movie’s two sequels, solidifying Spider-Man in the hearts of many fans. Many fans still regard Maguire’s portrayal of Spider-Man as the standard for all previous Spidey, even in the wake of the adored live-action interpretations of the character by Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

So, would it surprise you to learn that Maguire hardly ever donned the red and blue tights? Prior to appearing in the ground-breaking 2002 blockbuster, “Spider-Man” underwent years of development, with the concept for a Spider-Man movie emerging as early as the mid-1980s (via Digital Spy). One name that was mentioned in relation to this was none other than “Titanic” actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

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This included finding the ideal actor to play the titular hero (via Entertainment Weekly). DiCaprio shooting web is probably something we will never see, but that hasn’t stopped admirers from fantasizing about it. One artist in particular simply couldn’t stop contemplating what may have been.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Spider-Man

Artist Yadvender Singh Rana has the answer to the question of what Leonardo DiCaprio might have looked like as Spider-Man. The creator, known online as @ultraraw26, chose to imagine Leonardo DiCaprio as the Dan Slott-penned Superior Spider-Man. DiCaprio emerges out of one of Dr. Strange’s portals in the spectacular piece wearing an Iron Spider suit.

Fans were pleasantly surprised, to say the least, and many thought DiCaprio was an unexpectedly fantastic choice for the part. “Ngl he’d be a good Superior Spider-Man,” @magnificent Robby wrote in a remark. “Just picture how wonderful that would be,” @morteza farzan2002 added.

Titanic Actor Leonardo Dicaprio

While doing so, @frazier Efrat 22 jokingly envisioned DiCaprio using his abilities to save another redheaded love interest of his, declaring, “He going to save Rose again.” User @funsised343 cried out, “This concept is fantastic. Leo would make an excellent, cunning, and deceitful Spider-Man! I absolutely adore the costume, so it would be fantastic to see it in real life.”

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DiCaprio has other comic book roles up for consideration than Spider-Man. Studios wanted Christopher Nolan to work with his “Inception” hero again when the villain of “The Dark Knight Rises” was originally going to be The Riddler. Nevertheless, Nolan believed it would be too similar to the Joker and instead wanted to focus on a different kind of menace for the movie, which is how Bane (Tom Hardy) came to be (via Empire).

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