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D’Amelio and Landon Barker: Are They Still Dating or Breaking Up?

When millions of followers are keeping an eye on your every move, being in a relationship as a teenager is already difficult. Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker appear to fit this description. Rumors of a supposed breakup seem to circulate every other week.

As Dixie D’Amelio and her ex-boyfriend Noah Beck decided to do, this kind of speculation from fans and the media has led some celebrities to keep their relationships entirely offline. In contrast to her sister, Charli and Landon’s romance has received a lot of media attention. Together, they frequently post on social media, are photographed by photographers, and even guests on The D’Amelio Show on Hulu.

Due to Charli’s attendance at Seth MacFarlane‘s Christmas party, suspicions have started this time. A social media uproar resulted from a photo of her with another boy. The paparazzi images were widely dispersed on Instagram and TikTok celebrity gossip pages, receiving so much attention that Charli commented on the subject in an Instagram remark. On an Instagram image by @teatoktalk, she commented, “I’m simply standing next to someone calm down.”

D’Amelio and Landon Barker

There is more to the story even though it initially appears like Charli was only responding to contact from concerned fans. Then, a new image of Charli and the “mystery man” (Alex Novian, according to admirers) appeared online.

His arm is over Charli in this picture, which many people on social media thought appeared a little too cozy. Fans immediately noticed that Landon had taken Charli’s TikToks off of his profile. Born Dreamer, Charli’s fragrance company postponed a live stream with Charli in the interim.

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This information makes it appear evident that the relationship is having some sort of issue, whether a split is taking place or not. That is, until Landon posted a picture of himself on his Instagram story sporting a Social Tourist hoodie. If they had broken up, would he really be sharing pictures in Charli’s clothesline? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Landon Barker and Charli D’Amelio: When Did They Start Dating?

After being seen together exiting Landon’s concert in June 2022, the two initially generated dating speculations. Later that month, a source told J-14 that the two were indeed “in the early stages of dating.” The insider continued, “They are enjoying getting to know one another.”

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Since breaking up with TikToker Chase Hudson earlier this year, this is Charli’s first relationship. The couple was first connected in December 2019, and although it’s unclear when they actually split up, their romance appeared to come to an end in the early months of 2022.

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