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The Club Part 3 Release Date: Is It Based on True Story?

The Turkish Netflix show “The Club” is about an ex-convict named Matilda Aseo who gets a job in the laundry room of a famous nightclub in Istanbul. Matilda meets her daughter after she has done her time in prison. Her daughter grew up in an orphanage and never knew her mother. The historical series, which was originally called “Kulüp,” follows Matilda as she tries to protect her daughter while dealing with different problems in the club.

The show was made by Zeynep Gunay Tan and debuted on November 5, 2021. Critics and audiences loved how the historical drama showed Istanbul’s Jewish heritage and culture. After two great seasons, fans of the Turkish show must be eager to hear about the possibility of a third season. So, let’s find out!

Release Date of The Club Part 3

Season 2 of “The Club” debuted in its entirety on Netflix on January 6, 2022. The second season consists of four episodes, each of which lasts between 45 and 54 minutes.

What is known about a second round is as follows. The Club was apparently intended to be a two-season series by Netflix and its creator, Zeynep Gunay Tan. So, it appears that a third season is not currently in the works.

the club part 3

It does not necessarily mean that the third season of the show won’t be produced, though. Numerous shows have received orders for more seasons than they had originally anticipated, which is something that could happen with this series in the future.

The Turkish drama is reportedly one of the most popular Netflix series in the country. Therefore, the phenomenal audience numbers may persuade the streaming service to change the initially intended two-season framework and approve at least an additional season.

A renewal of the series is definitely a possibility given Netflix’s ambitions to enhance their Turkish original programming. We can anticipate the release of “The Club” season 3 sometime in Q4 2022 if it is renewed soon.

Expected Plot of The Club Part 3

If the show is renewed, the third season may focus on the aftermath of the riots, particularly the lives of the survivors. Matilda may be pleased with the birth of Raşel’s child and the security of her family, which includes nightclub employees.

the club part 3


Given how determined he is to conceal his secret, we may observe Orhan’s new path in life. After the damage caused by the rioters, smet may be forced to consider his future. The future of elebi and Matilda, whose lives are intertwined with the club, can likewise be anticipated.

Ending of The Club Part 2

At the end of the show’s second season, Turkish nationalists start riots in Istanbul. They attack smet and wreck the car he loves. During the riots, Raşel tries to find a safe place to stay. Matilda tells Selim to take care of the club and the people who live there while she goes to find Raşel. To keep his secret safe, Orhan kills his mother.

the club part 3


Matilda finds Raşel in the middle of the crowd, where she is with her baby. Hasan holds Selim back when Matilda knocks on the door of the nightclub to ask for safety. But with the help of elebi, they are able to get into the club, and Raşel gives birth to her child. Matilda is given the chance to go to the United States, but she turns it down.

Expected Cast of The Club Part 3

If the show is renewed, we can expect to see Gokce Bahadir (Matilda Aseo), Baris Arduc (Ismet Denizer), Asude Kalebek (Rasel Aseo), Salih Bademci (Selim Songür), Metin Akdülger (Orhan Sahin), Firat Tanis (elebi), Merve eyma Zengin (Tasula), and Salih But Suzan Kardeş might not come back because her character Mevhibe dies in the second season.

the club part 3

Doanay Ünal (Bahtiyar) might not come back either, since his character might have died. Also, it’s still not clear if Ibrahim Sahin will keep playing Guard Hasan or not. But if the third season gets the go-ahead, there may be some new faces in the cast.

IMBD Public Reviews On The Club Show

  • This is a great story, love the time period of the 1950s, costumes and casting are perfect. Again, another wonderful Turkish series with unique storytelling and engagement from beginning to end. I would like to continue with more episodes for sure.
  • Kulup aka The Club is an amazing all-star cast new Turkish show on Netflix set in the 1950s in Istanbul. It’s very well-acted, good script, good storyline. Salih Bademici can SING! I was blown away by his voice, amazing! It’s a very nice story of a mother trying to connect with her daughter after 17 years after being in prison. I think people should watch the show with an open mind and just enjoy the show, the story, and the breath taking performances of the actors and actresses. Ignore the negative reviews.
  • Superbe casting and well played in only 6 episodes. Loves the music especially, the costumes and the club ambiance. Would have loved to see more of the spectacle in the club and more history flashbacks between Matilda and Celebi. Good story to follow and an openness to other actors and life stories.


Is The Club a True Story?

The Netflix series “The Club” has quickly become an enormously popular show in Turkey. The story takes place in Istanbul in the 1950s, and the main protagonists are a Jewish woman named Matilda Aseo and her daughter Raşel, who was raised by herself in an orphanage. The action focuses on a nightclub in the city. The plot was derived from actual events.

Does Celebi Love Matilda?

The reason was Matilda; when she questioned his intentions and confronted him, elebi disclosed the motivation behind his previous behaviour to her. He claimed that he had never been a supporter of Mumtaz and that, instead, he had been in love with Matilda since he was a young child.

Final Words

The Club was intended to be a two-season series by Netflix and its creator, Zeynep Gunay Tan. It does not necessarily mean that the third season won’t be produced, though. A renewal of the series is definitely a possibility given Netflix’s ambitions to enhance their Turkish original programming. If The Club Part 3 is renewed, there may be some changes in the cast. Gokce Bahadir (Matilda Aseo) and Suzan Kardeş (Mevhibe) might not come back.

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