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Do Emily and Alfie Together in Emily in Paris Season 3?

Emily (Lily Collins) is back, and this season she has to deal with a lot of problems. Is one of those problems about how she feels about Alfie? Do they decide to stay together even though Emily still loves Gabriel? If you want to know if Emily and Alfie get together at the end of season 3 of Emily in Paris, you’ve come to the right place!

In season 2, Emily meets Alfie, a cool Londoner played by Lucien Laviscount. Their relationship starts rough. They meet in French class, and while Emily loves living in Paris, Alfie can’t wait to finish his job in the City of Love and go back to London. But when they are paired up in French class, they slowly start to learn more about each other, and eventually, sparks start to fly.

But at the end of season 2 of Emily in Paris, Alfie tells Emily that he has to be back in London because the project he was working on in Paris for his job is over. Then Emily has to decide if she wants to keep going with Alfie even though they live far apart. In the last episode of season 2, we don’t see them again.

So, what does season 3 of Emily in Paris have in store for Emily and Alfie? We answered this very important question down below!

Does Alfie Go Back to London in Emily in Paris Season 3?

Yes, but for a short time. Emily and Alfie are trying to make their relationship work in the first episode of the season. But Emily starts to focus a lot on her work, which makes it harder for the couple to get along. Alfie is about to go back to London, and Emily only seems to care about her job.


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This makes Alfie feel like she doesn’t care about him. Emily planned a party for Alfie’s last day, but everything goes wrong. Emily has to work during the whole party, and by the time she gets there, Alfie is about to leave in a taxi. Alfie breaks up with Emily when he realizes she isn’t ready for a long-distance relationship. He goes back to London after that.

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But Emily finds out later that Alfie went back to Paris because Antoine offered him a job as CFO at Maison Lavaux. Alfie tells Emily about everything that happened while they were having dinner. He tells Emily that he and Antoine talked about Maison Lavaux at the farewell party and that Antoine liked some of his ideas.


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Then Alfie went back to London for a while. Antoine called him and asked him to come back to Paris for lunch so they could talk about business. By the end of lunch, Antonie had offered Alfie the job of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at his business.

Do Emily and Alfie Get Back Together in Emily in Paris Season 3?

Yes! Mindy tells Emily how she can get Alfie back, and then Emily makes a big show of it by singing “Alfie” by Dionne Warwick in front of a lot of people. Alfie comes up on stage, and they kiss and makeup.

Do Emily and Alfie End Up Together in Emily in Paris Season 3?

At the end of Emily in Paris season 3, Emily and Alfie do not end up together. After the big fight at the beginning of the season, things went pretty smoothly until the last episode. They had small fights, like when Alfie didn’t want to tell his parents about Emily, but they worked through those problems quickly. But at the end of the season, everything goes wrong.

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Camille tells Gabriel at her and Gabriel’s wedding that she can’t go through with it because she knows he and Emily are meant to be together and are in love.


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Alfie hears everything Camille says and realizes that Emily picked him as her second choice after Gabriel. So, Alfie tells Emily to go be with Gabriel, and then he walks away with his heart broken.

Will Alfie Be in Emily in Paris Season 4?

We do! It looks like Emily and Alfie might not be together when the fourth season starts. Alfie should stay in Paris, though, because he works for Antoine. Because of their jobs and the people they both know, they’ll probably run into each other all the time. So, it’s possible that they could get back together.

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But Emily has to deal with what she just learned about Gabriel and Camille first. Even though Gabriel will always be in Camille’s life, will she still want to be with him? Will this make her want him even more? We’ll probably find out in the upcoming fourth season of Emily in Paris.

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