Futoku No Guild Episode 11 Release Date: Take a Look at Season 10 Review?

The eleventh episode of Futoku no Guild will air this week. In March, the studio announced that adaptations of the series would be made into an animation. The first episode of the series aired on October 5, 2017, after its launch in June of the same year. The entire set consists of eleven books.

Kikuyu, the guild’s top gun, is the show’s central character. Kikuyu, at the tender age of 20, is a seasoned traveler. A guild official uses the fact that he has never been in a relationship with a woman to get him to train with a rookie martial arts fighter despite his lack of drive. Now that he’s matured and gotten stronger via training, Kikuru longs for his youth.

Every time a band of explorers faces off against monsters in a sexually charged setting, he’s right there beside them. As a result of this humorous encounter, he now knows how to properly educate his replacement and can finally retire. Find out how he brings in new members and prepares them for their role in the guild.


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As of this writing, there has been no preview for Episode 11 of Futoku no Guild, so we have no idea what will happen. However, we now know more details about the show.

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The release date, air time, and streaming options for Futoku No Guild Episode 11 are detailed below. In addition, we’ll tell you where and how to watch each episode of Futoku No Guild. Before we get to the most recent Futoku No Guild update, let’s take a quick look back at episode 10.

Futoku No Guild Episode 11 Release Date

Episode 11 of Futoku No Guild is titled “Worries come running, New World,” and it will premiere on December 14, 2022, at 23:30 hours JST. Although airtime and date for each region are different. Episode 11 of Futoku No Guild will air on the following dates.

  • Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 06:30 AM PST
  • Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 08:30 AM Central Time
  • On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 09:30 EDT
  • on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 08:00 IST

There will be 12 episodes in the first season of Futoku No Guild, and they will all be released on Wednesdays at the same time unless there are delays or disruptions. Not much is known about this episode, but perhaps the humor will continue.

Futoku No Guild Episode 10 Review

Episode 10 shows that Kikuru’s harem party is suffering because of their issues. Resmis feels bad for Hanabata because she thinks Kikuru has abandoned her. Now he and his family at Nohkins have to figure out how to deal with her drunken madness, and they’re scared enough to stand up to Hanabata.

There may be romantic sentiments between them if Kikuru invites her over for a private talk. Kikuru’s explanation that she dresses like this and bakes cookies like this when she’s high on power is like a scene from a horror film, complete with a video of her floral Frenzy powers. Using cookies to bind her forces while also gaining a great sensation? Yeah, he’s not innocent.

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Hanabata’s dad is keeping an eye on Kikuru, and at first, the girl thinks she’s doing a terrible job. For Kikuru, she would be invaluable if she could control her berserk strength, even if it meant becoming sloshed on mana. Hanabata, being as oblivious to romance as he is, anticipated a positive outcome, but it never came to pass. Hanabata showed tremendous development as a person. She is still formidable even though her mana levels are through the roof.

Watch Futoku No Guild Episode 11 Online

Tokyo MX, AT-X, KBS Kyoto, TVA, SUN, and BS11 were among the Japanese networks that aired episode 11 of Futoku No Guild. Soon, you’ll be able to watch episode 11 of “Futoku No Guild” on Bilibili, a site that hosts a wide variety of anime in one convenient location.

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Every Futoku No Guild episode, excluding the most recent one, will be made freely accessible on that site. As of now, the only way to access the entire library of anime is to pay a monthly subscription fee.


The premiere of Episode 11 of Guild of Depravity Season 1 is shaping up to be a landmark event for the show’s devoted viewership. The show’s promise of an engrossing and thought-provoking experience is supported by its compelling plot, stunning cinematography, and fascinating characters.

Here at Guild of Depravity, we can hardly wait to see what the team has in store for us next. In the meanwhile, we may get a taste of what’s to come in the trailer and become excited about what can happen in Episode 11 of Season 1.

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