How Is Dragon Age: Absolution Connected to Dreadwolf?

BioWare has been slowly releasing teasers and information about the new Dragon Age game, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but we still don’t know much about the story. The animated series Dragon Age: Absolution on Netflix is one of the most important clues we have about the next game in the series.

How Is Dragon Age: Absolution Connected to Dreadwolf?

We already know that the upcoming game will take us to Tevinter, a setting that has yet to be represented in the game. The new game appears to be preparing for Meredith’s “war.” We do know that the next game will place a strong emphasis on Solas, who revealed himself to be the Dread Wolf, Fen’Harel, in the Trespasser DLC.

Is Dragon Age: Absolution connected to Dreadwolf

It’s also possible that the events of Dragon Age: Absolution won’t signify much in the broad scheme of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t see some of the show’s characters appear in some capacity.


At the very least, it will most likely contribute to the world state that players begin with when they begin Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, especially if they do not have a prior save to bring over. Paste Magazine has an excellent piece delving deeper into the show’s mythology and what it implies for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s starting point.

Dragon Age: Absolution Ending Is Explained

At the end of the last chapter of Dragon Age: Absolution, a group of soldiers talk to a person who is wrapped in red lyrium. Fans of the game know that the story of Dragon Age II ends with Hawke beating Meredith as she dies from the red lyrium. She is turned into a statue of a red lyrium in Kirkwall. Meredith seemed to be dead, and Dragon Age: Inquisition never said that she might still be alive, so her return to Dragon Age: Absolution is a surprise.

But in the show’s credits, “Meredith” is said to be voiced by Jean Gilpin. Gilpin also did Meredith’s voice in the games, so it looks like it really is her. Based on this, it seems like Dragon Age: Absolution is setting up Meredith to be the Crimson Knight, an extreme part of the Inquisition that wants to destroy the Tevinter Imperium.

Is Dragon Age: Absolution connected to Dreadwolf

The guards tell Meredith that Hira got away with the Circulum, but people are after her. This seems to confirm that Meredith is the Crimson Knight and the person Hira betrayed Miriam for.

Even though we are led to believe that Fairbanks is the traitor, the story’s end shows that we were misled and that Hira is the real traitor. Fairbanks was trying to stop Hira from getting away. Hira is a citizen of Tevinter, but she doesn’t like the Tevinter Imperium. She’s also disappointed that the Inquisition doesn’t plan to fight them, so she had to find other allies, which is how she met Meredith.

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