The Voice Actor for My Hero Academia, Ricco Fajardo, Attributes His Success to Chuck E. Cheese

The “My Hero Academia” anime series is a colossal force in the world of well-known anime. With six seasons, three features, and an imminent live-action Netflix adaptation under its belt, it is obvious that the franchise isn’t about to slow down.

The world and its characters’ capacity for expansion play a role in this accomplishment. Despite having a large number of heroes and antagonists to keep track of, the series works to make each character memorable by giving them standout moments and inspirational backstories.

Consider Tarusuke Shingaki/Ricco Fajardo‘s portrayal of Lemillion, also known as Mirio Togata. Despite the fact that he was only introduced toward the close of Season 3, by the time Season 4 started going, he had become one of the most crucial characters in the show. Although the character is enormous, Fajardo, who gives Mirio’s English voice, didn’t always have such promising career possibilities.

Fajardo Recalls His Early Voice-over Work for Chuck E. Cheese and Michaels

In an interview with Kotaku, Ricco Fajardo talked about his passion for video games and his outstanding portrayal of Mirio Togata in Season 4 of “My Hero Academia.” In it, the actor disclosed that before landing wonderful roles in popular anime, he provided voiceovers for commercials for businesses like Michael’s and Chuck E. Cheese.

“If you visit a Chuck E. Cheese location in the United States, I will be there every 30 minutes to say, “All right, parents.” “Chuck E. will leave in 30 minutes,” “said Fajardo. “I also perform the countdown.

I believe that was the start of vocal stuff.” The truth is that a job is a job, despite the fact that that may sound like an exciting beginning that fans would expect for a voice actor.

Fajardo described his job duties at the well-known artisan shop. “I believe my first voiceover was for a chain store in the United States called Michael’s Arts and Crafts. I remember saying, “Come on, youngsters.”

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Over at Michael’s, there’s a sale,” “Added Fajardo. Everybody has to start somewhere, and Fajardo seems to have put in the time and work required to get to the point where he could play a legendary character like Mirio Togata on “My Hero Academia” and more.


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