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Monster Musume Season 2 Release Date: the Anime Series My Little Monster Will There Be a Season 2?

For many years, the existence of mythical beings like centaurs, angels, herpes, and lamias was kept a secret from the Japanese public by the government.

And now these monster girls, who are not human but have sensations similar to those of humans, are residing with Kimihito Kurusu, our protagonist.

Before the advent of the monster females, he was living alone since neither of his parents resides with him. These are alien beings, but they possess human-like desires, feelings of love, and lust.

As one can see, the plot of the narrative involves a large number of attractive, sexually stimulated monster girls residing with a helpless guy.

The first season was a hit and has a respectable fan base. However, everyone is now anticipating the second season. So let’s see if there are any encouraging developments.

What Do You Know About Monster Musume?

Three years after the truth was made known, the story started. That would have resulted in the government passing the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act,” which declared that the “liminal” is a component of human society and that it is possible for them to live as other creatures do.

An exchange program is developed to assist mythological humans in finding a place in human civilization in this world where real humans and imaginary humans are interwoven.


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The young adolescent Kimihito wishes to share his apartment with a group of legendary young women as part of this endeavor, including horse girl Centuria, bird girl Poppy, and snake girl Miia.

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All of these young females must now be taken care of by Kimihito, who must also ensure that they do not cause any trouble. However, all of these girls are madly in love with Kimihito and will stop at nothing to be with him.

Around the story developed an experiment on the relationship between humans and animals.

Monster Musume Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

This show’s first season was first made available in 2015. And it is proudly one of those anime shows that, even after all these years, calls for a second season.

Although the return of the following season has been officially confirmed by Monster Musume’s creators, no release date has been specified. Online rumors, however, claim that the show would seek a formal confirmation by the end of 2021 and that a second season could run in the first half of 2022. The second season’s production appears to be delayed due to the coronavirus. 2015 saw the debut of Monster Musume’s previous season.


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The anime series’ second season has so far not been impacted. According to speculations, the show’s second season will premiere in 2022. The current state of Monster Musume prevents it from giving reliable information on any season.

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Analyzing Season 3 of Monster Musume is premature because the second episode has not yet been officially announced. We can only hope that the increasing ratings will convince the production company to order a second season of the show.

What Does Monster Musume Season 2 Go by?

Poor young Kimihito Kurusu is plagued by legendary feminine beings known as liminal as a result of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act in the harem fantasy anime series “Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls” (“Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou”).


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Experienced voice performers including Junji Majima, who plays the title character Kimihoto, Sora Amamiya, Ari Ozawa, Natsuki Aikawa, and Yû Kobayashi, who plays Ms. Smith, are all part of the “Monster Musume” Season 1 cast. The series also has an English dub, which features Shelley Calene-Black as Ms. Smith, Bryson Baugus as Kimihito, Allison Sumrall as Miia, Molly Searcy as Cerea, and Brittney Karbowski as Papi.

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Although it is common for anime programs to have long breaks in between seasons, it is unknown if all of these performers would be able or willing to return for the second season of the show. However, more modifications are likely to take place the longer a show is off the air.


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Even with an OVA between the end of the first season and the beginning of the second, it’s difficult to predict what the consequences may be.

The Anime Series My Little Monster Will There Be a Season 2?

The manga came to an end in 2013, leaving the show with little left to market and a small window of opportunity for a Season 2. While the second season of My Little Monster is improbable, other unexpected events have occurred in the world of anime. Fans can find comfort in its finished manga series in the meanwhile.

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