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Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date: Will Netflix Renew Disenchantment for Season 5?

Part 4 of Disenchantment is currently available on Netflix in all countries, but sadly, we are unsure if there will be a fifth part (or season 5, if you prefer), as the 20-episode order for parts 3 and 4 have already been finished. What can we anticipate from a new season of Disenchantment and will it be back? Let’s look at it.

Disenchantment, a Matt Groening production, had its Netflix debut in August 2018 and has since added 40 further episodes. It chronicles the exploits of Bean, Elfo, and Luci as they explore the realm of Dreamland.

On February 9th, 2022, Disenchantment: Part 4 became available on Netflix worldwide.

Technically, Disenchantment has two seasons of twenty episodes each. The show received an upfront order for 20 episodes, followed by an additional order for the second season of 20 episodes that would serve as parts 3 and 4.

Will Netflix Renew Disenchantment for Season 5?

Disenchantment has finished the 20 episodes ordered for season 2 and is still waiting six months after the publication of part 4 for an official renewal from Netflix (parts 3 & 4).


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It will depend on performance and the cost-benefit of producing additional episodes, like with other Netflix renewal decisions. It will receive an extra 20 episodes, meaning there will be a part 5 and a part 6 to look forward to if it is renewed in a similar manner (which we hope to learn about before the start of Summer 2022).

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Notably, Disenchantment’s Season 2 was revealed one month following Part 2. Long waits between renewals are frequently a clue that a show has been secretly canceled.

There are also some other red flags for the series’ future.

The Disenchantment trailers have all been taken off Netflix’s YouTube site.

Soon after the new season was added, Disenchantment’s social media profiles disappeared (within a month following the release of part 4).

Numerous animators who worked on Disenchantment have revealed publicly that they are currently engaged in work on the Hulu revival of Futurama. Having said that, a few of the staff authors are still involved with Disenchantment.

How Well Did Disenchantment Season 4 Perform on Netflix?

The new top 10 data site from Netflix, which offers hourly global statistics, only has two weeks’ worth of data available.


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Before the series was abandoned, 29.39 million hours were viewed between February 6 and February 20.

Sadly, because the data only goes back to season 3, we are unable to compare this hourly data with earlier seasons. We may contrast that with the forthcoming second season of Big Mouth. On November 5, 2021, season 5 was added in this case.

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IMDb MovieMeter data is concerning since it implies that season 4 failed to maintain the same level of interest as the previous two seasons, which were essentially on par with one another.

IMDb MovieMeter essentially monitors the volume of visitors to the pages in its database, which has a

The graph below shows a new season release as each dot.

What to Expect From Disenchantment Part 5?

Before moving on to what might happen next, let’s quickly review what happened in Disenchantment part 4.

The final episode shows Bean meeting a dream-time version of herself, trying to kill her while possessed and ultimately needing Luci’s help to escape. The last episode also features Bean honing her newly discovered electric abilities. Following the defeat of the “evil bean,” Mora and Bean are dropped into the water.

In a different scene, Zg and Oval travel to Steamland to save Derek and Jasper, but that plan is complicated when Zg is unconscious.


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In the post-credits scene, Dagmar sits on the throne alongside Satan and the severed head of Bad Bean while grinning at the viewers.

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Reddit user “Season 4 felt kind of like a build-up/exposition for season 5” expressed their feeling that the previous season led into season 5. It has the sense of season 2’s repetition, only better. Additionally, given the powers, do you think Bean might have some elven blood in her? Or if it is a symptom of the curse?

The development of the friendship between Mora and Bean and the escalating hostility between Bean and Dagmar will undoubtedly be explored in Part 5.


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In future episodes, Bean is probably going to grow in both his current and potential new abilities.

If the prophecy means that Bean must “relive the original path of the look-alike in the portrait” or that Bean must “re-conquer Dreamland for hell, and perhaps that’s why Dagmar didn’t want to be the queen of hell originally,” as one Redditor speculates, we’ll get to find out what it means in its entirety.

After it was discovered that all species in Discenchement are the same and that trogs are simply elves that drank the goo, there are still some unanswered mysteries regarding the other creatures in the area.

In light of this, DigitalSpy speculates that the plot may be nearing its conclusion and that any upcoming seasons will aim to do so.

Is the Disenchantment Returning?

Although Disenchantment, which began production in 2016 and made its premiere in 2018, wasn’t as well-liked as Matt Groening’s earlier work on The Simpsons or Futurama, it nonetheless managed to amass a strong fan following that justifies its return to Netflix in 2022.

Has the Disenchantment Passed?

The three-member family from Disenchanted ends up happily residing in Monroeville. To avoid making a daily journey to New York, Robert opens a modest practice nearby.

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