Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special Trailer: Donna and David Tennant’s Doctor Return

Fans find it hard to say goodbye to their favorite characters and relationships. But on Doctor Who, this happens all the time because Time Lords change into new versions of themselves, and their friends move on to make room for new ones.

Fans of Doctor Who can always hope that their favorite characters and Doctors will come back. What’s the point of timey-wimey stuff if not to bring back some old friends? But the special for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary went above and beyond.

It will not only bring back David Tennant as the Tenth, now Fourteenth, Doctor, but it will probably also bring him back together with Donna Noble, who was his companion in the first season of Doctor Who and is loved by everyone. Everyone’s favorite redhead, Catherine Tate, will be back on the show.

Even if you only watch Doctor Who occasionally, the trailer for the show’s anniversary special is likely to make you cry. Who doesn’t love getting together with old friends? (Or almost reunions, depending on the situation.)

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Allons-y!” The Doctor, played by David Tennant, says, and the crowd goes crazy. The 60th anniversary special can’t just be a bunch of fun, of course. Because, as the Doctor Who trailer shows, Donna Noble will die if she ever remembers her time with the Doctor. That’s a lot at stake, but we’re sure Donna will find a way to remember Ten.

Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the new bad guy on Doctor Who, is also shown in the trailer. He looks a bit like the leader of a circus, and he looks very bad. On the other hand, we get to meet Beep the Meep in real life, who has only been seen in Doctor Who comics up until now. What a cute ball of fluff! Of course, Ncuti Gatwa’s charming Doctor shows up at the very end. We’re excited to see how he fits into the story.

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Release Date

That’s a lot for such a short preview. Even though the trailer for the 60th anniversary special got us excited for more Doctor Who, we’ll have to wait a while longer to see Ten, Donna, and the rest of the cast. In November 2023, the show will start to air. Then, in 2024, Ncuti Gatwa and his Fifteenth Doctor will show up on TV. Allons-y!



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