The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date: When is the Grand Tour Series 3 Released on Amazon Prime Video?

When Series Three of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May returns to Amazon Prime Video, they’ll be traveling to Colombia, Mongolia, and a tonne of other places.

The third season of The Grand Tour featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Even though the new show has already started, there is still much to learn about what is to come, including where the trio will travel in later episodes thanks to the weekly release of new episodes.

What is The Grand Tour Game?

The big news for the next season is that there will be a companion game, as James May and Richard Hammond announce from a poolside while somewhat clothed in the YouTube video below.

James May says, “you can be us.” All the difficulties and adventures we’ve faced, but this time, you’re at the wheel.

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It will be released in episodic format for Playstation 4 and Xbox One at the start of series three and has a four-player split-screen, allowing fans to compete against one another.

The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date: When is the Grand Tour Series 3 Released on Amazon Prime Video?

The third season of The Grand Tour is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Watch this video here.


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The new season premiered on January 18, 2019, a Friday. The following two episodes, however, promise to be a little different.

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The Grand Tour often releases brand-new episodes on Fridays. However, a two-part Colombia special will be released with episodes two and three back-to-back on Friday and Saturday.

Where Can I watch The Grand Tour?

The third season of The Grand Tour is now only accessible through Amazon Prime Video, which is a video streaming service. That implies that only Prime members can watch.

Normally, a year of Amazon Prime costs £79, or £7.99 each month.

But if you’re a new user, you can register for free and get 30 days of free access to The Grand Tour and all other Amazon Prime content.

The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date: Where is The Grand Tour Filmed?

Early 2018 saw the start of filming. In March, Jeremy Clarkson tweeted a picture of a truck traveling through the snow from the trio’s social media account DriveTribe, announcing in the caption that filming was happening at the time.

In the Cotswolds, conveniently close to Jeremy Clarkson’s home, a tent was used to film the studio parts for series three.


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The locales for the non-studio bits, however, have been a little more ambitious for the three as usual. The two standout locations are Mongolia and Colombia, but there are many more to discover in the remaining episodes.

We performed a special there. We wanted to convey that there was much more to it than Pablo Escobar, said Richard Hammond.

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“It’s the planet’s most environmentally varied region. Although he also had a lot to say about Mongolia, Clarkson acknowledged that Cartagena was his favorite location in this series.

We spent six days traveling through Mongolia using only the compass, and during that time, we saw no signs of human habitation—not a single person, not a single jet trail, not a single wall. “What appears to be grass, but is rosemary, sage, and thyme, is all over Mongolia. The aroma fills the car as you travel. The producers made sure we had everything we would require for a week, but they left out the alcohol.

The group had been filming in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, and China, according to producer Andy Wilman.

Three epic “specials” set in Colombia, Mongolia, and Nevada will also be included in the third season of The Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour Season 3 Plotline: What is Going to Happen in the Grand Tour Series 3?

We know there will be some weird cosplay as Amazon revealed a photo of Jeremy Clarkson while he was filming series 3 with a mustache and a traffic warden’s uniform.

Additionally, at Amazon Prime Video’s European showcase event in London at the start of October, producer Andy Wilman did premiere some footage from the show. This material included a clip of an unexpected guest star named Mary Beard, who was seen speaking with Jeremy Clarkson.


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Additionally, they have returned to their test facility, which the trio affectionately refers to as the “Eboladrome” because it resembles the shape of the Ebola virus.

We’re anticipating big things after producer Wilman said that they felt they had to “live up to” the term The Grand Tour this year and that he is “quietly confident about this one.”

Will There Be More of the Grand Tour After Series Three?

The Grand Tour will return for a fourth series, according to Amazon, but there will be a few adjustments when it does.

The redesigned Grand Tour will abandon the studio parts and occasionally fruitless celebrity encounters in favor of lengthy road excursions and specials.


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The trio will “go on major adventure road journeys that fans across the world enjoy,” according to Amazon, in season four.

In a recent interview with Jerseyshorevibe, Clarkson stated that he has no plans to depart The Grand Tour “I have enough ideas in my head to last five years.

I have absolutely no intentions for after The Grand Tour, he continued. “God, no. I always have plenty of ideas. Before I started writing this series, someone questioned what I could do with a car. However, I have enough thoughts in my head to last me for five years.

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