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FNAF is Currently Owned by Whom? No One Has Been Named as Since Scott Cawthon Replacement

The video game series “Five Nights at Freddy‘s (FNAF),” created by Scott Cawthon, is arguably one of the most well-known in the entire globe. What started out as a video game with a horror theme has grown immensely popular among gamers and has even inspired a media franchise.

Cawthon promised the devoted following that the FNAF series would be given to “someone of [his] choosing” after he made the decision to leave game production in the middle of 2021. There is no formal confirmation of who would succeed Cawthon, although some speculate that Steel Wool Studios has been given the keys.

Since Scott Cawthon Retired in June 2021, No One Has Been Named as His Replacement for the Fnaf Franchise.

The FNAF series developer Scott Cawthon announced his retirement on the Scott Games website on June 17, 2021. According to Polygon, he wrote;

“I’ve had a fortunate, rich, and gratifying career. I have made an effort to return the compassion that has been done to me. Let the argument begin. I’ve attempted to develop some amazing games, and I’ve seen the emergence of what may be the planet’s most inventive and skilled fanbase.

This comes after a debate about his political views erupted after it was discovered that he had given money to Republication lawmakers and organizations. Cawthon continued,

“However, now that I’m entering my mid-40s and I’m aware that I was in my mid-30s when I started the series, on the seventh anniversary of the first game’s trailer, I realize that I miss a lot of the things that I got to focus on prior to FNAF becoming such a hit. Even if I’m terrible at it, I miss doing it for pleasure and missing creating role-playing games. All of this serves to announce my retirement.

In addition, he apologized to and praised the LGBTQ+ fandom for any assumptions or criticism he may have caused by endorsing conservative politicians.

Despite rumors that his retirement is the result of social media “canceling” him, Cawthon noted that he intends to “spend his concentration on his six kids.” Since Cawthon left the franchise seven months ago, he has not formally named a replacement to continue the FNAF series.

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“Is the FNAF coming to an end? No. This simply indicates that ultimately someone else—someone I trust and have chosen—will be in charge. A statement will be issued at some time, He informed the supporters, but we will have to wait and see how everything turns out.

Collaboration Between Fnaf and Steel Wool Studios and Ownership Transfer Rumors

Scott Cawthon independently created and released the FNAF game series from 2014 to 2018. However, Cawthon engaged Steel Wool Studios to build “Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted” in order to reproduce the game in virtual reality (VR).

Cawthon reportedly chose Steel Wool because he was impressed by the few virtual reality games they had produced. Rodney Brett, a character artist at Steel Wool, explained the game production process to Variety;

“[Scott] hopes that we will make another episode of “Five Nights” together in the future. Though I’m not sure if he wants to create another VR game.

After “Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted” debuted in May 2019, Andrew Dayton, CEO and co-founder of Steel Wool Studios, spoke with Gaming Trend.

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“[Scott] embodies what an independent game developer should be. enthusiastic, original, and perceptive of his audience. He is an inspiration to us and genuinely cares about the fandom.

Well, on December 16, 2021, just a few months after Cawthon’s retirement, Steel Wool Studios would also create and release “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.” Despite the game’s initial technical problems, it won the Player’s Choice award for best new game in December 2021.

The bug issues were addressed in a post-launch statement made by Steel Wool Studios Executive Producer Ray McCaffrey, who also commented on their website;

“When it comes to security breaches, we’re in it for the long haul. This video game has a promising future.

Steel Wool Studios allegedly now owns Five Nights at Freddy’s, but no official statement has been made, therefore the rumors are still unsubstantiated.


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