Love is Blind Season 2 Release Date: When Will New Love is Blind Episodes Arrive on Netflix?

From what we can tell from the preview, Shaina will also use the film to officially introduce her coworkers to her new spouse, Christos Lardakis, whom she wed in July of 2022. The second season premiere of Love Is Blind After the Altar will air on Netflix on September 16.

Since she has selective perception and cannot see her mother, her psychiatrist has ordered her to spend time with a suicidal guy who has fallen in love with her, but she cannot see him either.

Love is Blind Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Love is Blind premiered on Netflix on February 11th. At 8 a.m. British Summer Time, the episodes began streaming online.

Netflix quickly renewed the dating show for a second and third season after the first one debuted.


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A screenshot of Amber from Season 1 was used to tweet the news of Season 2’s March 2020 premiere.

Chris Coelen, the show’s creator, wants to film 11 more seasons of the crazy dating show for Netflix.

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Coelen made the following statement to “Either Season 2 or Season 12 would be great for me. Surely you do not disagree.” then he admitted that he thought the show could go on for 15 or 20 more years.

When Will New Love is Blind Episodes Arrive on Netflix?

The second season is being added to Netflix in installments, with the first five episodes accessible to watch on Friday, February 11th.

The second round of episodes will air weekly and depict the couples’ big days, including their first meetings with each other’s families.


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Our convenient Love Is Blind schedule includes all the air dates for Season 2, so you can never miss an episode.

Love, is Blind Season 2 Cast Members: Who Are In This Season?

  • Abhishek “Shake”, Veterinarian, 33
  • Aja, Paralegal, 30
  • Jason, Flight Attendant, 31
  • Jeremy, Director/ Entrepreneur, 36
  • Julius, Logistics Manager, 39
  • Kara, Client Service Manager, 32
  • Kyle, Glazier, 29
  • Mallory, Communications Manager, 32
  • Natalie, Consulting Manager, 29
  • Nick, VP of Product Marketing, 36
  • Olivia, Recruitment Partner, 29
  • Rocky, Executive, 30
  • Salvador, Executive Assistant, 31
  • Shaina, Hairstylist, 32
  • Shayne, Real Estate Agent, 32
  • Sheena, Events Partnership Director, 36
  • Trisha, Broker, 30
  • Vito, Pizzeria Owner, 33
  • Brandon, Insurance Broker, 36
  • Brian, Advertising Strategist, 32
  • Caitlin, Medical Software Sales, 31
  • Chassidy, Business Owner, 34
  • Danielle, Associate Director, Marketing, 29
  • Deepti, Information (Data) Analyst, 31
  • Haseeb, Lawyer, 28
  • Hope, Sales Manager, 32
  • Iyanna, Programme Coordinator, 27
  • James “Joey”, Business Strategy Consultant, 30
  • Jarrette, Project Manager, 32

Where is Love Is Blind Season 2 Filmed?

Coelen has stated that the famed pods from season one are still present on the set that was developed specifically for the program in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Much of Season 2 was shot in Chicago, with the couples jetting off to Mexico once the pods were through.

What Happened in Love is Blind Season 1?

By the end of the fifth episode, each couple appeared to be in a very distinct place in their relationship.

While everything appeared to be going swimmingly for Lauren and Cameron, Amber and Barnett, and Kenny and Kelly, other couples were experiencing a bit of turmoil.

When Giannina first confronted Damian about his joy at being able to “leave” his family life, he avoided explaining why.

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On the other hand, he did end up telling her, and it seemed to have strengthened their relationship.

Jessica was having trouble moving on from her relationship with Barnett, and this was hurting her relationship with Mark.


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She took off her engagement ring, too, because she was unsure about their future together, but she’s still interested in giving her relationship with Mark a shot.

However, following an altercation in episode four, Carlton and Diamond decided they weren’t a good fit for each other and quit the program before it was over.


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However, after their vacation together in Mexico, the couple had to put their romance to the test by really living together and making plans for their wedding.

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Episode 10 was the wedding episode, however, not everyone was able to walk down the aisle and leave the show as husband and wife. Amber and Barnett and Cameron and Lauren were the only ones.

Where To Watch Love is Blind?

The second season of Love is Blind has begun streaming on Netflix, with the first five episodes currently available. Visit our Entertainment center for more news and stories, or use our TV Guide to find something to watch. Season 1 is also available to stream on Netflix.

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