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Pier Season 3 Renewal Status: Return or Canceled?

The Spanish drama TV show The Pier was made by Lex Pina and Esther Martnez Lobato. It was made by Atresmedia Studios and Vancouver Media for the Movistar+ service. On January 18, 2019, the first season began on Movistar+. The second and last season, which has eight episodes, came out on January 17, 2020.

Recent years have seen the rise to prominence of Spanish drama, which has resulted in an increased audience across the globe. The Pier is not an exception to this rule. After the conclusion of the second season of the show, which was created by Alex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato, fans are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the third.

Quick Facts About the Series

Series The Pier
Season 2
Upcoming Season 3
Release Date NYC
Genre Documentary
Country of Origin Spain
OTT Platform  Moviestar+

Pier Season 3 Storyline

Alejandra (Verónica Sánchez), a prominent Valencian architect, is devastated by the secrets that scar, her husband of 15 years, left behind after his passing. She learns that he was cohabitating with Veronica at a neighboring village in the Albufera lagoon.

In order to find out why her husband lied and what actually transpired on the tragic night of his death, she chooses to approach the woman under a different ruse. The series takes place in Valencia and the adjacent Albufera.

The murderous fisherman on The Pier had a stunning marine biologist. Season 2: The pier coffee shop is out of almond milk, and a 17-pound Restoration Hardware guidebook was hurled through Renata’s window.

Season 2 makes so much sense after this realization. He was an alternate father informing his boisterous alternate son that the host was going to use the Xbox.

Pier Season 2 Recap

After a very strange night. “Martina” finally tells Veronica who she really is. Conrad shows anger, and Alejandra finds out that Blanca’s creative explanation of recent events is thinly veiled. Alejandra can’t get away from Albufera, so the two women make up. They find out that Oscar had a third life in Taracuellos that neither of them knew about.

Veronica tells them that she broke up with Oscar not long before he died. There are important clients to impress at the architecture firm, and Katia tells Alejandra that she is pregnant with their boss’s child. Vicente asks Veronica for help with Oscar’s shady business, especially one that has to do with Andres’ blue book. Conrado wants to date Alejandra, but she tells him she likes Veronica when she really likes someone else.

Fran and Vicente are in danger because of how quickly Veronica acted. In flashbacks, we find out important things about Oscar’s relationships with his best friends and business partners. When Andres threatens Conrado, he starts to think that all the men involved are up to no good.

Pier Season 3

Veronica, who is jealous of Conrado and tired of being “the other woman,” tells Alejandra that she needs to decide who is more important to her. Alejandra feels bad about lying to Conrado, and she admits that she likes Veronica. He tells her he doesn’t want to be with her in a nice way, but then he goes crazy.

After being too quick, Veronica and Alejandra find out that they can’t go back. Conrado finds out more about Oscar’s life in Taracuellos and how much money he left behind. Fran tells Conrado the truth about Oscar’s last night after Conrado has violently questioned a number of Andres and Oscar’s friends.

On the side of the road, authorities find Andres’ automobile. Veronica and Alejandra are sure that their plans will work. Sol is threatened by Andres, which makes Veronica feel uneasy. They go to Conrado for help. He tells them the truth about Oscar’s death and then kills Andres out of revenge. Katia and Ada talk with her boss about something important. Blanca decides to publish “El Embarcadero,” a short story.

Pier Season 3 Release Date Not Confirmed

The status of The Pier Season 3 is unknown, including if it will return or be canceled. There has been no word from the program’s creator on Season 3 developments.

The show’s first and second seasons were adored by viewers everywhere, not just in the country of origin. We will inform you right away if there are any updates about the Season 3 release date.

Pier Season 3 Cast

Oscar is played by Alvaro Morte, and Alejandra is played by Verónica Sánchez. Verónica is played by Irene Arcos, Conrado by Roberto Enrquez, Katia by Marta Milans, Ada by Judit Ampudia, Big Boss by Antonio Garrido, Fran by Miquel Fernández, Vicent by Paco Manzanedo, and Blanca by Cecilia Roth.

Where to Watch the Series

The Spanish thriller was shown on Moviestar+ for the first time. But don’t worry if you missed the show—you can watch it online. The Pier is on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, both of which you can watch online. If you sign up for one of these sites, you can watch the first two seasons of the show.


Status of The Pier Season 3 is unknown, including if it will return or be canceled. There has been no word from the program’s creator on Season 3 developments. The Pier is on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, both of which you can watch the first two seasons online.

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