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Single Inferno Season 2 Release Date: What Happens in Single’s Inferno Season 2 Episode 9 & Episode 10?

Single’s Inferno, a South Korean dating reality show that has become a Netflix hit, will return with two all-new episodes. The audience has been waiting for this dramatic episode with bated breath.

All of Season 2’s first four episodes are now available online. Episodes 5 and 6 of the dating program will air on the streaming service on December 27, 2022, at 3 am ET/ 2 am CT.

Single’s Inferno, a 2021 original Netflix original series, was produced in South Korea. It’s a dating show where 12 eligible young people are dropped off on an isolated island in the hopes that one of them will find love. They have to compete in difficult challenges to win expensive date nights. Couples who are a good match get to enjoy a day in paradise together.

However, until a pair reaches heaven, neither partner may reveal any information about the other beyond their name.

The only way the happy couple will ever open up to one another is if they make it to paradise. The goal of the show is for the competitors to find love using only their charisma and personality.

Single’s Inferno Season 2 Release Date

With a new trailer, Netflix has revealed that the second season of Single’s Inferno would premiere on the streaming service on December 13, 2022.

Netflix users have watched the dating show for over 17 million hours, so it’s no surprise that Singles’ Inferno will be back for a second season. Considering the streaming giant’s previous reality program hits like “Love is Blind,” “The Circle,” and “Too Hot to Handle,” it’s not hard to see why.

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Yet, we must also account for the time spent on updates, production, and editing. You can expect Season 2 of Single’s Inferno to drop sometime in the first quarter of 2023. We reviewed the list of incoming titles on Netflix for November 2022, and Season 2 of Single’s Inferno isn’t among them.

What Happens in Single’s Inferno Season 2 Episode 9 & Episode 10?

The series finale of the hit dating reality show will air on January 10, 2023. It premiered on December 13, 2022. Two whole new episodes of Single’s Inferno premiere every week. Timelines for upcoming episodes are as follows:

Premiere dates for Seasons 5 and 6: December 27, 2022

January 3, 2023: Episodes 7&8

January 10, 2023: Parts 9 and 10
Subtitles will accompany the upcoming episodes’ release. The duration of each episode will range from approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The second season of Single’s Inferno has the official synopsis:

“Lonely and keen to mingle, the singles on this desolate island can only get away for romantic date nights in paradise in groups of twos.”

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The upcoming episodes will show the audience how much fun the couples are having. In addition, viewers may get to see Jin-young reveal some surprising information to Shin Seul-ki. The episode will become available on Netflix at a later date.

Latest Information About Single Inferno Season 2

Kbizoom announced in July 2022 that Netflix Korea conducted an entertainment meeting in Seoul. Co-CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings appeared in a video message during the ceremony, saying, “I traveled to Korea two weeks ago, and it’s a shame that I couldn’t be with you. But I’m thrilled to share Netflix’s offerings with my audience.

To continue, Hastings said, “Now, it’s hard to discuss global entertainment without discussing Korea.” As of late, there existed Single’s Inferno. A Korean dating reality program is gaining popularity throughout the world. I can’t wait for the second season of Single’s Inferno.

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The popularity of Korean dramas like “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead” has spread over the world. As a global company, Netflix places a high value on the Korean market. It’s to my great satisfaction that Netflix is expanding so rapidly. We hope to have fruitful business relations with Korea while also enriching our mutual appreciation of Korean culture.

Frequently Asked Question

Just How Much of a Single Inferno is Scripted?

It turns out that Singles Inferno is not scripted, even though the reality show is put up in many ways. Song Ji-a, a past participant on the show, reportedly stated this in a Q&A session online, as reported by NME.

Did Any of the Relationships That Started in “Singles Inferno” Last?

On January 17, 2022, Yea-won broke her silence about her relationship status with Jun-sik on her social media accounts. She even shared a Q&A video with Cha Hyun-Seung from the show, in which she referred to him as a “nice friend but nothing more.”

Is There a Big Singles Scene in Korea?

Singles Inferno, a South Korean comedy, debuted its first two episodes on December 18, and within 24 hours became the most-watched program on Netflix Korea and the first non-drama series from South Korea to crack Netflix’s Global Top 10 charts.

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