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Spotless Season 2 Release Date: What Happened to Season 2 of Spotless?

After a terrible breakup, Clementine (Kate Winslet) undergoes surgery to wipe memories of her former partner Joel (Jim Carrey) from her mind. After learning that Clementine is taking drastic measures to erase all memories of their time together, Joel decides to follow suit. Michel Gondry, a veteran in the field of music videos, helms this visually stunning look at the difficulties of love and loss.

Spotless Season 2: Was it Canceled?

Ed McCardie and Corinne Marrinan’s Spotless is a crime drama series that airs on Tandem Communications and Canal+. The show features the acting talents of Marc-Andre Grondin, Miranda Raison, Denis Menochet, and Doug Allen. On November 14, 2015, Spotless debuted on Canal+. Season 1 is the only one that has aired so far. The current IMDb rating for the series is 7.9/10 based on 2,866 user votes.


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In a sad turn of events, Canal+ has decided to pull the plug and stop the show. A second season is not in the works.

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The Spotless television show has been officially canceled by Canal+. Spotless has decided to end after Season 1. As far as we know, Canal+ has no plans for the upcoming season. There are no upcoming plans or dates for season two as of the end of 2022. Join the discussion in our forums and subscribe to updates if you want to stay in the loop. You may also choose to visit the Spotless page on the Internet Movie Database.

Have You Heard if Spotless, Netflix’s Hit Comedy, Will Return for a Second Season?

It won’t be long before the place is spotless again. The drama series has reportedly been picked up for a second season on Esquire Network. This is the network’s first effort into written programming, and the show marks its debut.

Why Wasn’t There a Season 2?

Netflix released a statement pinning the blame on COVID-19, which read: “The Society and I Are Not Okay With This have both had their second seasons canceled due to low ratings. We regret having to resort to these measures, but they are necessary in light of the current state of affairs brought about by COVID.

What Happened to Season 2 of Spotless?

In 2016, Netflix released the first season of the foreign-language series Spotless. Despite the show being renewed for a second season, we haven’t heard anything about it. Has production stopped, is the program in hell, or has it disappeared? Look, let’s have a look.

The French version of the dark comedy debuted on Canal+ in early 2015. It didn’t start appearing on Netflix until October 15, 2016. Before its appearance on Netflix, the series was broadcast on Esquire Network in the United States. In every country on Earth besides France and the USA, the show is shown in its original language with local voices.

Fans and journalists alike praised the melancholy dark comedy. This was a popular show on the Esquire Network, so much so that it was renewed for a second season.

A look at the Esquire Network, which had promised a second season of Spotless as early as April 2016, will help explain the show’s demise.

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The network was a joint venture between Esquire magazine’s parent company, the Hearst Corporation, and NBCUniversal. The network, which was taking over for the defunct G4, produced a wide variety of shows, some of which were imports from other countries like Spotless.

Due to financial difficulties, the network shut down permanently in early 2017. This was due to the channel’s inability to attract viewers and remain on the lineups of several cable providers.


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To think that we may have had a second season of Spotless if it hadn’t been moved entirely to Esquire Network is a bitter pill to swallow. Considering how complicated the situation was between all the parties, it’s not surprising that Netflix decided against renewing the show.

Is the Show Dead?

In all likelihood, it is the correct response.

The show’s Twitter account has been inactive since December 2016, and its cast members have all presumably moved on to other endeavors.

This year’s first tweet by Marc-Andre Grondin was the cast’s final public tribute to the project they worked on together before his untimely death.

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The time we are in right now is the result of that. Unfortunately, after two years, it seems unlikely that Spotless will ever return, which is a shame because the show had great potential.

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