Who is the Father of Deku? Meaning of Hisashi Explained!

Who is the Father of Deku? We’ve all thought about this since we started to follow Midoriya Izuku, a young man in his early twenties. My Hero Academia is a great story about a guy who is born without a quirk in a world where most people are born with one, and how he deals with this problem.

Most people are born with or acquire quirks during the course of their lives. Izuku was born without a quirk, whereas they are normally inherited via families. Did he, or didn’t he? As a result of recent results, it is possible that all that has been said thus far has been a fraud. In this post, we’ll discuss the facts concerning Deku’s father that has been revealed thus far. In addition, we will analyze the likelihood that he is concealing his true identity and the reasons for his actions.

Izuku’s mother, Inko Midoriya, has made multiple appearances during the course of My Hero Academia. She has always been the one to express concern whenever Izuku is in danger. In addition, she has endeavored to prevent her child from endangering his life further. Izuku was fortunate to have a father figure in Toshinori Yagi’s “All Might,” who assisted him in achieving his dream.

He was able to convince Izuku’s father, Inko, to let him go back to school and train at UA. Fans are glad to hear that Izuku does have a good example in his life, but what about Deku’s father? So, what does he think about Izuku’s dream? Does he even give a damn? Is he even aware of what’s going on in his own life? From what I can tell, he either doesn’t care or doesn’t care enough to do anything about it. No matter what, who is he? And, most importantly, where is he right now?

Who is the Father of Deku?

Deku’s father, whose name is “Hisashi” Midoriya, is already known to be Hisashi. “Hisashi” means “a long time ago” in Japanese, which is also how the name is written. This is a play on the Japanese word for “steamed bun,” “Hisashiburi.” The Japanese word “hisashiburi” means “it’s been a while” (since I last saw you). Even the name “Hisashi” suggests that Izuku’s father will soon be absent from his life and from the story.

It’s surprising how many shounen anime heroes have missing fathers. Goku, Naruto, Gon, and other characters are among these. The fathers, whose identities are eventually revealed in the book, are in no way unimportant to the plot.

Bardock was a scientist in the Saiyan world who didn’t like how Freeza ran things. He was the grandfather of Goku’s father. But for Gon, the whole story is about his search for his Hunter father, Ging Freecs, which takes up a big part of the story. Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, was Naruto’s father. He was the most powerful man in the world at the time.

Consequently, there is little likelihood that Izuku will be an exception in that his father will be shown to be someone who is unimportant to the story’s progression. If it is revealed that Hisashi is a laid-back character, the fans will be outraged beyond measure. As a result, the likelihood of MHA Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi doing something like this is extremely low.


Furthermore, he indicated that Hisashi’s identity will be revealed in the My Hero Academia manga in the near future. While we wait, we can only hope that he will contribute anything significant to the story. Allowing for the possibility that he does not, let us simply hope that Hisashi proves to be a positive role model for Izuku and that he provides some appropriate words of encouragement to him.

This is all about the discussion behind Deku’s Dad. The article will be updated when more information is revealed about the same. Till then Stay tuned to Jerseyshorevibe.

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