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Who is the Killer in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery? Ending Explained

Both parts of Rian Johnson’s best-selling Knives Out trilogy have been murder mysteries in the style of Agatha Christie, but with twists that keep coming. How many times did you think you knew what happened in Knives Out and that the mystery was solved, only to find out something new that completely changed what you thought you knew? Johnson’s attention to detail as an artist and care for his story goes a very long way, and the second part, Glass Onion, again keeps viewers on their toes for every twist and turn.

In fact, it takes more than an hour for people to figure out who gets killed in Glass Onion. Then you start to wonder if someone else was really meant to be hurt. Then you find out that the real murderer being looked into was someone you didn’t expect at all.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Ending Explained

Johnson’s Glass Onion is so titled not only for the elaborate Glass Onion that Miles Bron, the tech tycoon played by Edward Norton, built but also for the way the movie is organized—like an onion. What we initially see is simply a portion of the overall image; as the movie progresses and we start to reveal more and more layers, things start to make more sense.

Thus, as the film progresses, we come to understand that Benoit Blanc was not purposefully transported to Miles’ island. We also understand that he wasn’t sent unintentionally. Helen Brand (Janelle Monáe), who suspects her twin sister—Andi, Miles Bron’s exiled companion from the Social Network—was murdered, hired Benoit.

Andi filed a lawsuit against Miles after being fired from their business for opposing a novel, harmful form of energy. But she was unsuccessful since none of their friends were willing to support her.

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But Andi sent a statement through email shortly before she passed away saying that she had discovered proof that would dispel any remaining skepticism about her allegations. Helen thinks that Andi was murdered and her body staged as a suicide, but that her death had not yet been made public.

Who is the Killer in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery?

Rian Johnson does a much better job of describing it through Daniel Craig’s recognizable southern drawl than we ever could. There is a long, convoluted explanation. However, the basic premise is that anybody who has benefited from Miles’ riches and influence in some way is a suspect because they all have a vested interest in keeping Miles safe from whatever facts Andi might have revealed.

Benoit Blanc, however, is aware of a crucial fact: The tech “genius” and billionaire Miles Bron is actually a moron. He frequently employs phony terms that, in his opinion, mean something they don’t. He has no sense at all. Whether on purpose or not, he wears the same outfit as Tom Cruise’s dumb motivational speaker character from Magnolia in the movie’s flashback sequences. The dude is a fool!

Miles sped over to Andi’s house in his beloved sportscar and poisoned her himself as soon as he realized she possessed something that may destroy him. In reference to the earlier in the movie incident where Miles nearly ran him over at “Andi’s house,” which Miles later lied and claimed referred to a party at Anderson Cooper’s home, Duke spotted him there.

While nobody on the island was aware that Andi had passed away, the news broke during the celebration when Duke’s phone blew up. As soon as Duke realized Miles was guilty, he tried to blackmail him by showing him his phone in exchange for Miles helping him promote his YouTube channel. Then, Miles, ever the fool, poisoned Duke in full view by adding pineapple juice to his drink, which Duke is allergic to.

He then switched the cups to give the impression that Miles was the intended victim. Not a bad strategy for a moron. But he is once more a fool! And Blanc figured it all out with Helen’s assistance.

Of course, Miles understands how strong he is and how much the other people in the room depend on him, which is the problem. Helen is frequently told by Blanc that while he can solve the crime, he is powerless over the law.

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So Helen does everything she can to destroy Miles’ priceless garbage, including—yes—the Mona Lisa that was lent out. As they join forces against Miles, the others start having fun as well.

The only time they ultimately decide to remember all the bad things Miles has done is after they blow up his house with his very combustible and exceedingly dangerous fuel while they are sitting outdoors. He will likely spend a considerable amount of time in prison.



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