Alice in Borderland Season 2 Release Date: When is Alice in Borderland Season 2 Arriving on Netflix?

Season 2 of the well-liked Netflix series “Alice in Borderland” is ready to enchant viewers. The second season of the eagerly awaited series will start streaming on the OTT platform in a few days. One of the top international Netflix series is the science fiction series.

The show’s plot centers on a group of pals who venture into a strange realm where they must win a series of lethal games to survive. Such a scheme was certain to draw attention.

The second season of the show will be released on the OTT platform following the previous season’s enormous popularity. But that happened more than a year ago. Finally, on December 22, 2022, viewers will be able to watch their favorite series on Netflix.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Release Date

Netflix will release Alice in Borderland’s second season on December 22, 2022. The second season is anticipated to have 8 episodes, while the exact number is still uncertain.

The second season’s TV-MA rating denotes that it is only intended for adults to view. Language, nudity, sexual violence, smoking, violence, and suicide all factored towards the grading. Therefore, it is advised to watch the series alone.

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Meanwhile, Netflix unveiled the show’s official teaser two weeks prior. The series is a Japanese manga adaption starring Tao Tsuchiya as Usagi and Kento Yamazaki as Arisu.

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Cast Members

We already knew that several of our favorite characters from Season 1 of Alice in Borderland wouldn’t be appearing in the sequel; sadly, Chota and Karube will no longer be with us. But many of the main characters, particularly those we met at The Beach, will return in Season 2.

Tao Tsuchiya plays Usagi, and Kento Yamazaki plays Arisu. As Chishiya and Ann, respectively, Nijiro Murakami and Ayaka Miyoshi will be back.

Niragi is played by Dori Sakurada, and Kuina is once again played by Aya Asahina. Sho Aoyagi will play Aguni in Season 2, and Riisa Naka will play Mira. The cast of Alice in Borderland was featured in a video that Netflix released in March 2022 about their feelings after the second season’s filming was over.

When Is Alice in Borderland Season 2 Arriving on Netflix?

The second season of Alice in Borderland is scheduled to debut on December 22, 2022. The wait is almost over, and you can now add it to your list of Christmas binge-watches! Anyone wishing to catch up or refresh their memories can also access the whole first season.

How Many Episodes Does Alice in Borderland Season 2 Have?

Like the first season, Season 2 of Alice in Borderland is anticipated to include eight episodes. The first season, according to fans, spanned about the first 31 chapters of the manga’s original run, leaving 33 unfinished. That indicates that the new season will have no shortage of material to cover.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if Netflix decides to continue the series for additional seasons given the last season’s astronomical popularity.

What Happened in Alice in Borderland Season 1?

Arisu, a young man who is completely engrossed in video games, is forced into a fatal competition in a suddenly deserted Tokyo. The severity and urgency of each obstacle are indicated by the suit and number of playing cards, and Arisu must overcome them along with his two buddies under the control of an unknown force.

After his companions perish during one of the games, Arisu meets a young woman named Usagi and collaborates with her to solve the mystery at hand to acquire all the available playing cards. The Ten of Hearts is the only card still missing after their adventures take them to a big hotel filled with other players.

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Many of the other players in the hotel are slain during the last challenge for the Ten of Hearts, but Arisu and Usagi find an underground room and discover the bodies of the persons they believed to be the “gamemasters.” The group is then presented to Mira, who informs them that the games have just started and that the face cards are now on the line.

What Could Happen in Alice in Borderland Season 2?

The series’ scope was substantially increased in the Season 1 finale, so it’s safe to say that anything might happen! But more precisely, it’s likely that Arisu and Usagi will keep looking for the last cards they need, which means they’ll probably run into Mira Kano, the Queen of Hearts who was introduced toward the end of season 1.

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With his promise to “create a mystery world that no one has ever seen and an unexpected progression with uncompromising imagery,” director Shinsuke Sato hinted at what we might be seeing this season. Sounds weird!

Where and When was Alice in Borderland Season 2 Filmed?

Robot Communications Inc., the production company of Alice in Borderland, advertised a casting call for extras stating that the series was filmed in many locales throughout Japan, including the “Kanto region, Toyama, Hyogo, Fukuoka, Aichi, Osaka [and] Wakayama.” The final day of filming, which was at the end of 2021, has already passed.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Alice in Borderland?

The second season of “Alice in Borderland” has returned to Netflix after a two-year hiatus. On December 22, 2017, the Japanese sci-fi thriller’s new episodes went online.

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