Ayakashi Triangle Creator Debuts Cover Art for Dragon Ball!

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular IPs in anime, and we all know that it started in the manga. Goku was created by Akira Toriyama many years ago, and since then, the hero has only gotten more popular. In honor of the manga’s 40th anniversary, the Shueisha team has been working on a Super Gallery Project to redo all of Toriyama’s original cover art. Now, the person who made Ayakashi Triangle is talking about Dragon Ball.

As you can see below, the new tribute is now live. It’s a remake of volume 31, and you can see it below. Androids 18 and 17 are shown on the cover, along with Android 16. The three are shown going on a road trip in the snow, and Cell isn’t there to bother them this time.

Even though Cell was on the original cover art by Toriyama, Kentaro Yabuki got rid of him. Instead, the artist chose to focus on the robots and the Red Ribbon ride that they have taken over. It’s no surprise that the androids look like they just stepped out of a cute shojo, and it’s also not surprising that they have a romantic style. After all, Yabuki is a master of the style, and all of his most famous works have something to do with love.


If you are unfamiliar with Yabuki, you should be aware that the artist created Ayakashi Triangle and To-Love Ru. In the latter, Yabuki introduced readers to Rito Yuki, a high school student who eventually becomes betrothed to Lala Deviluke, an alien princess. Regarding Ayakashi Triangle, the ongoing romantic comedy focuses on a ninja exorcist named Matsuri who promises to defend his best friend Suzu from ghosts. Matsuri’s existence, however, is thrown on its head when a spirit king transforms him into a woman when he is on a perilous errand.

Dragon Ball Debuts

Clearly, Yabuki knows how to pitch a solid romantic comedy, as volume 31 of Dragon Ball demonstrates. If you like to peruse the artist’s manga in the United States, you can do so through Seven Seas Entertainment. The first episode of the anime adaptation of Ayakashi Triangle will premiere on Crunchyroll on January 10th.

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