Stranger Season 4: Joyce Byers Teaming Up With Murray Bauman to Rescue Jim Hopper From a Russian Prison Cam

The fourth season of Stranger Things features a group full of beloved characters who go in different directions but finally end up in the same place. In order to save Jim Hopper (David Harbour) from a Russian prison camp, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) must work with Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman).

Hopper and Joyce have a will-they-won’t-they relationship for the duration of the first three seasons of the Netflix series, but after Murray tells them the truth, they make a pact to finally go on a date while breaking into the Russian facility under Starcourt Mall.

Joyce discovers Hopper’s existence early in Season 4, which sparks her trip to Russia with Murray, despite the fact that Hopper appears to die after the demolition of the gate.

After a long and difficult journey, Hopper and Joyce eventually meet up again. The conclusion of their season-long arc delighted fans, but some are still perplexed by the bizarre circumstances surrounding their reunion.

Joyce Leaving Her Family to Go to Russia

As she battles to find her missing son, Will (Noah Schnapp), who most of Hawkins believes is dead, viewers first meet Joyce in Season 1. Joyce saves Will from the Upside Down with the aid of Hopper. In Season 2, she saves him once more when the Mind Flayer takes control of him.

In Season 3, the matriarch is still fighting to safeguard her family while also researching the commotion brought on by the covert Russian facility beneath Starcourt Mall.

Stranger Season 4

But in Season 4, Joyce completely deserts her family, which might be viewed as a failure for her character. This Joyce is the same one that battled a community full of skeptics before venturing into the Upside Down to save her son (including her other son, Jonathan, played by Charlie Heaton).

Joyce has no trouble taking on government officials or extraterrestrial monsters when it comes to her family. Why then would she decide to travel to Russia on the off chance that she might meet up with Hopper, abandoning her kids, notably Eleven, who needs a parent figure now more than ever?

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Furthermore, it also appears rather clear that Joyce is stepping into a trap. Rather than risking her life and possibly leaving her children without a parent to care for them, she might have made a more sensible (and in-character) choice if she had gotten in touch with Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Reiser), a dependable government official with the authority to look into Hopper’s status.

Joyce’s Love for Hopper

Winona Ryder stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that “everything [in ‘Stranger Things’] is driven by love and survival.” In addition to her belief in Murray, Joyce’s reasons for abandoning her family are undoubtedly her love for Hopper. Ryder admitted, “I [Joyce] trust [Murray] with all of this information.

Murray’s karate teachings and Joyce’s faith in him are successful. She may have felt guilty for her part in Hopper’s apparent death, which is why she ultimately decided to travel to Russia. Since [Joyce] was the one who initiated the situation, I’ve always felt a little responsible. While making a key-turning gesture, Ryder stumbled.

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In the Season 3 finale, it is actually Joyce who turns the key, presumably vaporizing Hopper who is standing next to the machine that is keeping the gate to the Upside Down open. Since Joyce feels she is to blame for Eleven’s loss of her adoptive father in the first place, her actions in Season 4 can be explained by her wish to make up for her guilt and provide Eleven with a father once more.



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