How the manga’s Super Hero Arc Came to Be Is Explained by Dragon Ball Super’s Artist!

Dragon Ball Super will return later this month with a new chapter based on its newest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero inspired arc, and the manga creator revealed why a super hero story was selected for this arc! Fans had been eagerly awaiting the next major arc for the past few months, especially since a massive cliffhanger showed that Frieza was stronger than ever before. However, it turns out that the next major storyline will focus on a young Trunks and Goten who have opted to become local superheroes.

In a special interview about the Super Hero arc of Dragon Ball Super’s manga, artist Toyotaro revealed that the impetus for this arc was his desire to focus a new story on Trunks, the team’s desire for a super hero story, and his desire to make the next arc “smaller and simpler” than what had come for Goku and Vegeta previously. This new Super Hero storyline just so happened to arrive at the best time for everyone involved.

Why the Dragon Ball Super Manga Chose a Super Hero Arc

“There were a lot of ideas floating around about the new story,” Toyotaro said. “When we met with [series creator] Akira Toriyama and other staff, we talked about how Goku and Vegeta had been the main characters for so long, and how the stories were also big and galactic, so it might be interesting to do something smaller and simpler this time.” But it turned out that he also wanted to write a story about Trunks.

Dragon Ball Super Artist

“I wanted to do a story with Trunks as the main character even before the [Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero] movie was even talked about,” Toyotaro said. “I thought that was interesting. But I wasn’t sure if it fit in with the main story… I said I wanted to do it as a separate story. I might have said that a few years ago. Then, when we were thinking about doing something different and focusing on someone other than Goku, my idea for a story about Trunks was the first thing that came to mind. I thought it might be my last chance to do it.”


Toyotaro elaborated on how all the parts fell into place shortly thereafter “Then, we talked how it may be a good idea to write a narrative about superheroes and how it might be combined with a Trunks story. It was my opportunity to write the story I’d always wanted to write, and it was essential to the main narrative, so I worked diligently and submitted multiple concepts before settling on the story we’re currently telling.”

How do you feel about the Super Hero arc of Dragon Ball Super up to this point? What do you hope will happen in the next part of the manga? Tell us in the comments what you think about it.

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