Sasuke’s Romantic Side Revealed in Naruto Spin-Off!

Naruto has made it quite evident that Sakura Haruno adores her boyfriend. The young woman has admired Sasuke Uchiha since she was a child, and he eventually returned her affections as the years passed. In Boruto, the couple is happily married and has a child, but viewers have many questions about their relationship. And now, Sasuke’s Story demonstrates exactly how smitten the Uchiha is with his wife.

If you’re not caught up, the update is in the manga’s most recent chapter. With the release of the first portion of chapter six, fans were reunited with Sasuke and Sakura on their mission. Sakura gathered new information about a cure for Naruto’s ailment as the former narrowly evaded detection in prison. Along the way, she converses with one of Sasuke’s cellmates and discovers how passionate her partner is.

Naruto Spin-Off Reveals Sasuke's Romantic Side

Ultimately, Ganno is able to connect the dots with the pair. Upon noticing her wedding ring, he realizes that Sakura and Sasuke are a couple. When questioned about how he knows, Ganno is evasive, but Sakura fills in the gaps. “He was accustomed to sitting in this spot and staring out the window. But since your presence, he has stopped… He was awaiting the blossoming of the flowers. Your hair color is quite attractive “He contributed.


Obviously, Sakura investigates the now-barren tree and discovers that it is an almond tree. The tree’s blossoms closely resemble, you guessed it, cherry blossoms. The flowers were identical to those for which Sakura is called, and they naturally fit her hair. There is little question that Sasuke was charmed by the flowers because of Sakura; if that is not endearing, then nothing is.

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