Is Dragon Ball Super Ruining Trunks? Toyotarou Confessed in an Interview!

Is Dragon Ball Super’s new “Super Hero” story arc ruining Trunks’ character as we know him? If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest Dragon Ball news, the new manga arc is a prequel to the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out in theatres last year. Part of that story is giving more information about what was going on on Earth while Goku and Vegeta were away fighting epic battles in the last few manga arcs. And it turns out that Trunks and his friend Goten were indeed very busy.

The first chapter of Dragon Ball Super’s new Super Hero arc shows how Trunks and Goten are spending their teenage years, juggling school, teen angst, and their side jobs as superheroes who keep the city safe while their dads are away. Trunks, in particular, seems to be living a lot like Peter Parker/Spider-Man, with his hero activities getting him in trouble at school for being late and costing him a date with the girl he really wants to go out with. It’s clear that this is a very different side of Trunks than what we’ve seen before, but is it a good new side?

 Dragon Ball Super's New Super Hero Story
In Dragon Ball Z, we met Future Trunks, a young adult version of Vegeta’s son who grew up in a dark future where Dr. Gero’s androids ruled. This made Trunks the real breakout star of the Dragon Ball series. Future Trunks was a badass warrior with a sword from a dystopian future. A future version of Gohan trained and toughened him up.

In Dragon Ball Super, that Future Trunks character came back, but in a slightly different way. He was from yet another dark alternate future ruled by the rogue Kai Zamasu. Whatever the case, fans of Dragon Ball have come to know and love Future Trunks as THE Trunks. The kid version of Trunks was always a cute extra, but it was never anything like the character of Future Trunks.

Now, Dragon Ball Super’s new “Super Hero” arc is completely changing Trunks, making him less like Vegeta and more like Gohan, with his Great Siayaman superhero persona and problems balancing work, life, and fighting.

What Dragon Ball Super Mangaka, Toyotarou Said about Ruining Trunks?

In a recent interview, even Dragon Ball Super mangaka Toyotarou confessed that he would never have imagined Trunks as a teenage character going around in a superhero outfit because that was not his impression of Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. It was Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama who insisted on Trunks exploring this new aspect of his character.

Dragon Ball Super's New Super Hero Story

On the one hand, it should be legal to put your faith in Toriyama when it comes to Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Super, on the other hand, has received some criticism for not handling the bigger ensemble of Dragon Ball Z character arcs as well as it has focused on Goku and Vegeta.


That provides plenty of cause for doubt that this Super Hero manga arc centered on Trunks will revolutionize the character, especially given Trunks and Goten’s minor roles in the Super Hero film. Future Trunks is a classic example of how Dragon Ball may be weighed down by its own tremendous symbolism.

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