Fans  Are Horrified by the Cheese Grater Scene in the Trailer for “Evil Dead Rise”

With the release of the new movie “Evil Dead Rise,” the Deadites are returning to terrorize the unwary once more—along with a few S-Mart employees. This latest installment in the horror series takes a fresh tack with the narrative. “Evil Dead Rise” replaces the solitary cabin in the woods or time travel in the Middle Ages with fear in a Los Angeles flat. The scene is reminiscent of “Demons 2” by Lamberto Bava.

Ash Williams, who is complex but ultimately heroic, is not present in this incarnation. Beth (Lily Sullivan), who visits her sister, nieces, and nephew, turns out to be a terrifying encounter because the Necronomicon, is “Rise’s” protagonist. The novel calls deadites once more and transforms a close friend of our protagonist into a cunning monster.

Sam Raimi, who was the driving force behind the original trilogy, will be replaced by director and writer Lee Cronin. He is the second director to take on the task of modernizing deadites, following 2013 remake director Fede Alvarez. Similar to the previous filmmaker, Cronin doesn’t hesitate to take moviegoers on a bloody excursion.

Horror movie enthusiasts are gritting their teeth in anticipation and repulsion at one particular scene from the teaser. The cheese grater sequence in the Evil Dead Rise teaser has horror aficionados in a delirious frenzy.

First Look at “Evil Dead Rise” Got More Than an Eyeful With the Red Band Trailer

The red band trailer gave everyone who was waiting to watch “Evil Dead Rise” more than they bargained for. The movie appeals to both seasoned fans and younger generations of horror enthusiasts since it is crammed full of what promises to be frightful, striking, and yes, very violent. Nothing is left to the imagination, from a chainsaw covered in blood to a full scalping.

Any genre movie that explores food-related scenes has the potential to provide nauseating passages. The “Rise” teaser opens with a frying pan full of eggy muck and an increasingly unsettling motherly image; symbolism aside, other scenes are just downright horrific.

Evil Dead Rise

The usage of a cheese grater in a horror movie seems appropriate, but few horror films have featured the kitchen tool prominently. With a scene that should have viewers gripping their armrests even tighter, “Rise” is poised to change all that. The trailer depicts Beth battling a deadite for her life. A devil hovers over her, and as she pulls away a grater from the floor, it flies into his hands. The deadite then uses the grater to grate her arm.

Who knows where it goes from there, but given that a tree did awful things to a character in “The Evil Dead,” anything is possible in this reality. The cheese grater sequence in the Evil Dead Rise teaser has horror aficionados in a delirious frenzy.

Fans Are Hitting Social Media With Their Thoughts on the Human Grating

Fans are posting on social media about the human grating, and judging by their reactions, this moment is going to spark conversation. In a Reddit thread about the trailer, u/ThisIsCreation said, “Jesus Christ, the cheese grater part!” In response, u/Sleeze_ expressed a sentiment that was similar: “I did have a physical response to that part. And as I was reeling, they struck me with a piece of glass. This seems just insane. I’m in.”

Reddit wasn’t the only place where discussion on graters could be found. In a mocking response to the venerable horror publication Fangoria, Twitter user @TheCarlGerber used the gif “Oh, this is too violent for me” to express his views. Some individuals associate the grater with previous movie appearances, particularly “Tenet.”

A user named @dontcallmecris stated, “So far, EVIL DEAD RISE feels like it was built particularly for me in the manner it comes from the TENET school of thought that you can make your kitchen combat 50% gnarlier by throwing a cheese grater into the mix.”

Lee Cronin joined in on the commentary about the scene so that he wouldn’t be left out of the discourse. One sports fan tweeted in a gif that was shared by the director and writers of “Evil Dead Rise” sporting huge graters on his hands and his head. “This dude knows what’s up,” he captioned the photo.

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