Farming Life in Another World Release Date: What Can We Expect?

One Peace Books holds the North American print and digital rights to the manga. On July 8, 2022, Monthly Dragon Age began serializing a spin-off four-panel manga with the title Isekai Nonbiri Nka no Nichij (, “The Everyday Farming Life in Another World”).

Several exciting isekai anime shows will premiere during the next Winter 2023 anime season. That includes Farming Life In Another World, a nice, self-explanatory escape featuring lovely elf females, a small farm, and an abundance of fruits and veggies.

Farming Life in Another World appears to be yet another “peaceful isekai life” anime in the same vein as Ascendance of a Bookworm and I’ve Been Killing Slimes based on the trailer and basic concept. The isekai farm is where this anime takes place for a simple journey in a different world, but anime fans looking for a nice little anime to watch in between episodes of bigger, more popular anime series are all invited.

Farming Life in Another World Release Date

According to Sportskeeda, Many people were attempting to learn everything there was to know about the debut of “farming life in another world,” episode 1 because it would happen soon:

date of the first episode of farming life in another world. The anime had been made available on January 6, 2023

The Latest Updates for Farming Life in Another World

It won’t be long before Farming Life in Another World premieres for interested Western audiences. One of the first releases of the Winter 2023 anime season, the anime is set to begin streaming in the West on January 6th.

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Due to Sentai Filmworks’ licensing of the anime, viewers can stream Farming Life on the HIDIVE platform. The show will most likely have 12–13 episodes in a season, which is common for a low-budget anime series like this one.

Streaming Details for Farming Life in Another World Episode 1

Fans can stream the anime Farming Life on the HIDIVE platform thanks to permission from Sentai Filmworks. The show probably won’t last more than one season, which will consist of 12–13 episodes, as is customary for a low-budget animated series of this kind.

The Plotline of Farming Life in Another World: What Can We Expect?

The main character of the anime series is Hiraku Macchio, who is 39 years old. Because of the kindness of a certain god, he was able to pass away and be gratefully reincarnated in a pleasant Isekai world.

In addition, Hiraku gave four wishes, the last of which was granted—the wish to purchase his land. Instead of facing a demon king or fulfilling a prophecy, he chooses to become a low-key isekai farmer who thoroughly rejects isekai traditions and keeps himself busy with this gratifying labor.

Despite first appearing as a stereotypically sad character, Hiraku won’t be a big literary character at least currently. Despite having a god that grants their requests, peasants aren’t exactly renowned for being OP.

farming life in another world release date

Hiraku may initially seem to have a stereotypically negative view of himself, but at least he won’t be a major literary figure any longer. Instead, in his new life, he will plant his crops, tend to them until the time is appropriate, and then pick as much corn, produce, and fruit as he can.

However, one major story element threatens to turn it into an isekai harem when he meets and befriends several lovely local ladies, including some elves.

Fans of Farming Life in Another World will also come across many vibrant, endearing anime girls somewhere on the farm, whether it be a kinkier, creepier harem of friends.

Farming Life In Another World Episode 1 Plot Synopsis

Farming Life in Another World, an anime adaptation of Kinosuke Naito’s isekai novel, will make its debut in the Winter 2023 schedule. The primary character is 39-year-old Hiraku Machio. He was able to die and be graciously reincarnated in a charming isekai world because of a certain god’s kindness.

The final of Hiraku’s four wishes, to buy his farm, was also fulfilled. Hiraku is an unassuming isekai farmer who fully defies isekai traditions by engaging in this satisfying work instead of taking on a demon king or fulfilling a prophecy.

Hiraku may at first appear to be a stereotypically depressing self-image, but at least he won’t be a significant fictional character anymore. Even though they worship a god who grants wishes to support them, peasants aren’t exactly known for being OP.

farming life in another world release date

In his new life, Hiraku will plant his crops, take care of them until the proper season comes, and then gather as much corn, produce, and fruit as he can. When Hiraku, the reincarnated farmer, meets and befriends several gorgeous local women, including some elves, one plot point in the series threatens to turn it into an isekai harem.

Whether it is a friendly harem of friends or a kinkier, creepier one, fans of Farming Life in Another World will run into many colorful, charming anime females somewhere on the farm.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of farming life in another world series. Such Shows Include Vazzrock the Animation Season 2 , Do It Yourself Season 2, and more.


Since its debut in January 2023, the film version of Kinosuke Naito’s light novel with the same name, Agricultural Life in Another World, has amassed enormous popularity. Ten of the thirteen total episodes have already been shown. Since the plot has reached a turning point, viewers mustn’t miss any episodes. For more details visit our website

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