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Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and How Did Discovery Season 4 End?

When will the fifth season of Star Trek Discovery be released? Star Trek Discovery is the current flagship TV series for the Star Trek franchise, and it marked the franchise’s return to television screens when it premiered in 2017. The show has had its ups and downs, but like other Star Trek productions, it has dramatically improved since its second season.

The science-fiction series now has four seasons and will soon return with a fifth. Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery was a big step for the series and easily ranks as one of the best seasons of the programme. The season’s underlying idea was powerful, as it followed the show’s characters as they dealt with the ramifications of being hurled 900 years into the future.

As a result, the series has significantly improved. But what’s next for the crew of the USS Discovery, and when will Season 5 of Star Trek Discovery be released? To assist you, we’ve put together a handy overview of everything you need to know about the series based on all of the information accessible thus far.

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date

We don’t know when Star Trek Discovery season 5 will be released as of September 2022. On Star Trek Day, there was no announcement. However, by piecing together bits of information, a reasonable estimate can be obtained.

It was announced in January that Paramount had commissioned a fifth season of the Star Trek franchise. Only five months later, fans were greeted with the revelation that season production had commenced. So, what does this tell us about the Star Trek Discovery season 5 release date?

Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery began filming in November 2020 and was released almost exactly a year later in November 2021. However, due to Covid-19-related setbacks, the production isn’t always the best yardstick for how long the gap is between filming beginning and eventual release.

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Looking further back, there was a 15-month delay between the commencement of filming and the release of Star Trek Discovery season 3. Putting the two together, we’re going to guess that the Star Trek Discovery season 5 release date will be in July 2023, give or take a few months.

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Cast

While an official cast list has yet to be released, Sonequa Martin-Green has already announced that she will reprise her role as Captain Michael Burnham.

All of your favourite actors, including Doug Jones as the Starfleet Kelpien, Saru, Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets, Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly, David Ajala as Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker, Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber, and Tig Notaro as Jett Reno, are expected to return.

There’s also the possibility of some fresh faces joining in.

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Plot

We can only speculate about what lies beyond the next star system now that Season 4 has concluded, but we know the premise for Season 5 is tightly guarded. Sonequa Martin-Green, in an interview with Digital Spy, said, “I can say that it’s going to be refreshing. You will feel refreshed thereafter. And I believe it will be amazing in the best possible sense.

When asked about the future of Booker and Burnham’s relationship, she said that they would “always be bound together in some way,” implying that they will become more attached in the future. OK, now you have our interest.

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That Kwejian comment from the last scene they have together is crucial, I believe. Indeed, that’s the case,” she emphasised. We already knew that the “Kwejian quotation” (the language of Book’s homeworld) was “Kwakoni Yiquan,” which translates to “We’ve parted a hundred times, may we part to rejoin a hundred more.”

Which is adorable but doesn’t bode well for their eventual success. Season four focused on the appearance of an unknown new life form (eventually identified as Species 10-C) and the wicked plot of Ruon Tarka (Shawn Doyle), which threatened the safety of the entire cosmos.

In the season four conclusion, viewers watched the crew successfully manage the Species 10-C problem and save Earth and Ni’Var from the DMA. Therefore, the UFP gladly accepted Earth’s return. If Earth rejoins the Federation, may there be more action on the planet in season five?

Olatunde Osunsanmi, the show’s director, has announced that the next fifth season would combine fresh and classic elements from the storied franchise to accurately reflect the spirit of the original. Those who enjoy hiking and exploring, celebrate!

“The galaxy is vast, and extraordinary things can occur anywhere in it. “All I can say is that it’s not time travel, but we go back into the past to get further into the future,” he told ScreenRant of season five.

A pre-reboot of Star Trek has been discovered. Even though Alex has developed a new version, many of the features that made the old one so great are still present and appreciated. It’s not so much about stealing plots and characters as it is about stealing processes and ways of telling tales and applying them to our future endeavours.

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Which includes [Burnham’s] personality and her actions as Captain.

How to Watch Star Trek Discovery Season 5

Seasons one through four of Star Trek: Discovery are accessible on Paramount Plus, and season five is anticipated to follow suit. In the United States, the streaming service begins at $4.99 per month. Our guide to Paramount Plus might help you learn more about it.

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Trailer

There is currently no Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery trailer available. If you can’t wait, Season 4’s trailer is down below.

How Did Discovery Season 4 End?

The fact that Earth has returned to the Federation is the most shocking development of the Disco season four finale. After journeying to the 32nd century from the 23rd in Season 3, the Discovery crew found out that Earth had broken away from the Federation in the wake of the galactic catastrophe known as the Burn.

But now that the Burn mystery has been solved and the planet-destroying DMA has been avoided, Earth is once again a member of the Federation.

As we’ve seen, the Federation’s home base—once a moored starbase—is a massive spacecraft. According to showrunner Michelle Paradise’s interview with Inverse, the following is how the writers concluded that this starbase could function:

“Coming out of the Burn [in Season 3], it felt like an intrinsic capacity of the ship. That capability made sense for it to have at the time and in that setting. The next obvious question was when to demonstrate this skill and where in the narrative it would be revealed.

Wow, it was incredible to go to Earth to save lives; what a great demonstration of the Federation Headquarters’ (FHQ) mobility!

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