Big Comeback of Humanoid Typhoon As Vash After 10 Years: Reveals New Clip From Series Premiere!

Trigun Stampede wants to finally bring back the Humanoid Typhoon. Vash hasn’t been in the anime game since Trigun: Badlands Rumble, a full-length movie that came out in 2010. Yasuhiro Nightow, the original creator of the anime franchise, is now working with Studio ORANGE.

A new clip for the upcoming series premiere shows fans not only how the new CG animation style will look on the desert planet, but also how the Sixty Billion Double Dollar Man stays true to his original funny personality.

Trigun Stampede Reveals New Clip From Series Premiere

At the moment, there are a lot of questions about when Vash the Stampede will come back, and the upcoming anime original series is still keeping its cards close to its chest. Trigun Stampede hasn’t said yet if this new series will be a prequel to the original story or if it will be a whole new take on the funny gunslinger.

However, trailers and promotional materials have shown signs of both of these ideas. Vash has a new look this time, but there are still a lot of references to how he looked before. He will be joined by younger versions of returning characters like Millions Knives, Wolfwood, Meryl, and others.

Big Comeback of Vash After More than 10 Years

IGN shared an exclusive clip from the first episode of Trigun Stampede, which is coming out on January 7 and will bring Vash back to the forefront of anime after being absent from TV and movies for more than ten years:

The first Vash the Stampede anime series came out in 1998 from Studio Madhouse. Even though the anime version of Trigun was a hit, and many fans still think of it as one of the best in the business, it wasn’t completely true to the manga series, which ended in 2007 and was called Trigun Maximum. It will be interesting to see if Vash’s return will one day lead to the manga series coming back as well and if Trigun Stampede will lead to a new anime universe with the gunslinger.

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