Revenger Makes a Splendid Winter Debut: Watch Now!

Winter has come, and naturally, anime lovers are determining which series are worth watching. This month has a plethora of new and returning titles, with even more coming this weekend. Today, it appears that one of the season’s most promising candidates, Revenger, has made its appearance.

If you haven’t been following the original anime, Revenger made its premiere today on Crunchyroll with episode one. Ajia-do Animation Works revealed last year that Masaya Fujimori would direct the action drama. Revenger is a must-watch for any fan of period dramas.

As evidenced by the images below, netizens adore Revenger thus far, and despite its original status, Japanese fans have the show trending. Episode one begins slowly, but Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and Renji Oki’s writing builds a beautiful universe. Given the story’s emphasis on assassins, you’ll be pleased to learn that the first episode is already somewhat brutal.

Episode one also shows that Revenger’s has a cast of interesting, likeable characters. Our star is Raise Kurima, who works as a hitman for a secret group called Revenger. This group helps the weakest people in society. Along with the other members of the gang, Raise works as a front somewhere else. However, things get complicated when new enemies show up all over Japan. So, if you like samurais, assassins, and Robin Hood-style crusades, Revenger is the show for you.

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