“Sick” is an Upcoming Horror/thriller: Kevin Williamson’s Sick Trailer is Out

It was inevitable that the COVID-19 pandemic would have an impact on television and film. Despite the fact that COVID-19 and its variations are still very much a thing, it appears that artists have a certain nostalgia for the early stages of the pandemic.

After all, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” was just released, and it takes place at the start of the pandemic when people were still under quarantine and required to wear masks while outside. With “Sick,” a new movie, scheduled for release in March or April 2020, it’s clear that the tone of this one will be very different.

In the upcoming horror/thriller “Sick,” a group of friends decides to spend their quarantine in a remote cabin with no nearby neighbors. It makes sense; since you can’t see anyone, you might as well spend some time in outdoors beside a picturesque lake.

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But when a surprise visitor shows up, their leisurely vacation takes a sinister turn. Following the success of “M3GAN,” it promises to be a thrilling ride that keeps the frights of the new year alive. Following the release of the movie’s trailer, people have a lot to say.

Sick: Pandemic Horror Movies!

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on filmmaking. Several low-budget films have been released in the last few years, but there have also been a few films with greater notoriety, like “Songbird” and “Host.” They all have different levels of tastefulness, and although it is unclear where “Sick” will lie on the sensitivity scale, horror enthusiasts already have ideas. In all honesty, they have all grown quite weary of hearing about COVID at this point.

Consider the following tweet from @supermangeek101: “The pandemic horror flicks are really making me sick!” Can we just quit with the Covid-inspired movies? asked

And while it appears that these films try to portray the pandemic as having ended, @What A Burner noted, “No thank you… we’re still in this s***!”

The answer appears to be clear. A lot of people are sick of making excuses for the pandemic. Weekly, tens of thousands of people still catch the illness, and it continues to claim lives (via CDC). And that doesn’t even begin to address the ongoing long-term COVID issues.

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The initial shutdowns happened only three years ago, and the fact that there have been so many films made about that particular period suggests that many individuals have probably not fully recovered, either emotionally, financially, or physically. Even though “Sick” may turn out to be a fun movie, some people may find it to be too much, too soon.

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