Damien Leone, the Director of Terrifier 2, Talks About What the Real Meaning of the Clown Cafe Scene

Funny enough, one of the most-talked-about movies of 2022 was about a killer clown. No, that’s not it. “Terrifier 2” instead focused on the dangerous Art the Clown. Even though the character died in the first movie, that never stops a good horror movie villain.

He has been brought back to life and will use his own style of violence on anyone who gets too close. It was such a bloody good time that a lot of people said they got sick while watching it. It led to good word of mouth, and the movie did pretty well at the box office as a result.

So, “Terrifier 3” is up next, but people can still enjoy “Terrifier 2” for now. The movie’s commentary track just came out, and Bloody Disgusting broke down some of the most important things to remember, like what’s going on in the mysterious Clown Cafe scene.

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Sienna’s Journey Can’t Go on Without the Clown Cafe

The Clown Cafe scene does more than just give you a catchy tune to remember. Damien Leone, who directed the movie, says it shows that Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) is the only one who can beat Art the Clown. For those who haven’t seen the movie or have blocked out this scene because it’s pretty gross, the movie ends terrifer season 2with Sienna pulling a sword out of a cereal box and using it to block an attack from Art’s flamethrower.

This is more than just a weird dream where she will die in real life if she dies in the sequence. Leone calls it “a test from God that shows up in Sienna’s subconscious.” He goes on to say that there are good people who want Sienna to beat Art, but she has to prove herself first. Later, he says, “She won’t be the one if she isn’t brave at the end and doesn’t decide to fight back against Art.

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It turns out that one scene has a lot of symbols in it. Leone makes a connection between the people with luggage who look like they are ready to board a plane and Sienna’s wings. She must go on her own “metaphysical journey” before she can kill Art. Does she pull it off? To find out, you’ll have to watch a violent movie.


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