Reborn Rich Season 2 Release Date: Where to Watch Reborn Rich?

The anticipated second season of Reborn Rich The show’s debut season was a great hit, and fans are ecstatic to see their favourite characters return. Reborn Rich Season 2 is soon to be released, thus the wait is ended. We are fully aware of the release date, cast, and all other relevant details. Learn all there is to know about Reborn Rich Season 2 by reading on.

Is Reborn Rich Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

According to sources, Fans all over the world have been wondering if Reborn Rich is renewed or cancelled after the commotion surrounding the announcement of the release date and time for Season 2. After all, the show’s imaginative and alluring premise has energised even the most sceptic fans. Reborn Rich had a successful debut season.

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Is Reborn Rich returning for a second season following its amazing debut season? The show’s official renewal for a second season has not yet been made public by the producers. However, due to the show’s strong ratings, a second season’s renewal appears to be a lock.

Reborn Rich Season 2 Release Date

Although Reborn Rich Season 2’s premiere date has not yet been made public, viewers can expect it to air in the fall of 2023. Fans can expect more paranormal themes, fresh narratives and characters, and of course, scary new adventures.

Where to Watch Reborn Rich?

The show will be streamed by numerous outlets. The second season’s filming is expected to start in late 2022 or early 2023, and the first season is presently available on Netflix. Fans can also anticipate further upgrades on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

The Plotline of the Reborn Rich

Yoon Hyun Woo, a dedicated, obedient, and conscientious secretary, is employed by the Jin family, who are the proprietors of the thriving Sunyang Group corporate empire. One day, his family accuses him of embezzlement and turns against him. This heinous wickedness takes place.


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He eventually dies but is enigmatically “resurrected” when he awakens in the form of Jin Do Joo, the youngest man in the family.

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After acknowledging what happened, he makes an effort to seek revenge. He comes up with a strategy to depose Sunyang Group CEO Jin Yang Chul. Infamous for his unrelenting quest for fortune, Jin Yang Chul. Yoon Hyun Wo intends to use his new “identity” to conduct a hostile takeover of the company to exact revenge on those who caused his death.

Seo Min Young, a tenacious prosecutor, will play what role in this, though? Seo Min Young, an anti-corruption investigator, is now referred known as the “Sunyang Group Grim Reaper.”

The Cast Members of Reborn Rich Season 1

There are numerous well-known and outstanding actors in the show:

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  • Song Joong-ki portrays Jin Do Joon.
  • Lee Sung-min plays the role of Jin Yang Chul.
  • Kim Jung-nan portrays Son Jung Rae.
  • Jo Han-Chul portrays Jin Dong-k.
  • Yeong-Jae Kim portrays Jin Yoon Ki.
  • Kim Nam-Hee plays the role of Jin Seong Joon.
  • Hyeon-bin Shin portrays Seo Min Young.
  • Gi Doong Kang portrays Jin Hyung Joon.


Everyone is concerned about Reborn Rich’s ratings as the highly anticipated second season launch date draws near. The show has received good ratings.

The drama has an 8.4/10 average rating on IMDb and an 8.8/10 average on MyDramaList. The show has a 47% Metacritic rating.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the reborn rich series. Such Shows Include Fire Country Episode 10, Why Her Season 2, and more.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Get Even’s Second Season on the Way?

On Friday, Get Even will be available on Netflix, and you’re going to want a second season. The Pretty Little Liars-inspired sitcom centres on a group of four classmates who join DGM (short for Don’t Get Mad… Get Even) to expose the bullies at their exclusive high school.

Will There Be a Season 2 for the Rest of the Time?

The show was cancelled in May 2021 after two seasons.

Will Season 2 of 2125 Be Released?

The K-second Drama season has not been renewed, as we already mentioned. However, if a second season were to be produced, Q1 2023 would be the optimum time to release it.


Reborn Rich Season 2 is making a strong comeback with an interesting cast and a compelling story, and it will seek to elevate the show even further than its first season.

Fans can look forward to seeing the programme on their chosen streaming or cable networks or they can check the web trailer for a preview. For more details visit our website

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