Qb1 Season 4: Whom Do We Expect to See in This Season?

“QB1: Beyond the Lights” has been showcasing fascinating true stories of high school seniors on the verge of fulfilling their football ambitions for three seasons. The documentary series, developed by executive producer and “Friday Night Lights” director Peter Berg, follows three high school quarterbacks through their senior year and their attempts to capture the attention of a big college football team.

Since its inception as a web series on Go90 and eventual relocation to Netflix, the documentary series has covered the successes and disappointments of nine athletes, all of whom achieved their aim of receiving a major college scholarship.

Justin Fields and Jake Fromm, two of those players, went on to continue their careers and make it to the NFL. The series has a reputation for high-quality narrative and an honest evaluation of the physical and emotional hardships that top-tier athletes face to reach the pinnacle of a demanding sport.

Fans had no reason to expect there would be no Season 4 of “QB1: Beyond the Lights,” but more than a year has gone by with no new episodes. Having said that, there have been clues that a new season is on the way. Here’s everything we know about the “QB1: Beyond the Lights” release date, cast, and plot.

What is the Release Date for Qb1: Beyond the Lights Season 4?

According to sources, While sources claim that development on “QB1: Beyond the Lights” Season 4 has been accomplished, Netflix has yet to confirm a release date. Fans may, however, make educated estimates based on the show’s prior season premieres as to when they might witness some of the nation’s most outstanding high school football athletes compete for a scholarship.

According to fans on Reddit, viewers of past seasons of “QB1: Beyond the Light” expected Season 4 to launch in August 2020, a year after Season 3 initially aired. However, since that time has passed with no news, fans must either revise their expectations or brace themselves for the worst.

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Since no release date for Season 4 has been announced, it appears unlikely that the show will arrive even another year after the planned 2020 release date, which would be in August 2021. However, the first two seasons of “QB1: Beyond the Light” premiered in February of the year they were released, thus they might potentially arrive in Winter 2022.

Qb1 Season 4 Cast: Whom Do We Expect to See in This Season?

Several quarterbacks from the National Football League appear in the cast (NFL). Two examples are Justin Fields and Jake Fromm. Brett Favre, who announced his retirement in March 2008, appeared in the presentation. Previous seasons of the show have featured actors such as Johnny Unitas and Terry Bradshaw.

Anthony Richardson is said to be involved in the upcoming season, according to rumors. His participation was later verified. Following this announcement, people are assuming that Bryce Young will appear on the show. Whereas The Florida Times-Union reported Carson Beck’s involvement in the documentary’s crew.
Official cast and crew announcements have yet to be made.

Qb1 Season 4 Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

Each season, the tale centers around three sportsmen. The original football documentary follows the travels and journeys of high school quarterbacks. Because it celebrates the history of American football. The three teenage athletes concentrated on articles about NCAA Division I college football.

Each season brings new faces of young athletes that are dedicated and striving for sports principles. The series focuses on the problems and opposition that quarterbacks confront throughout games. Along with them are teens’ problems and high school drama.

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We anticipate that the plot in Season 4 will be stronger than in prior seasons. The previous installment is extremely popular, with a high viewership rate. This raises the stakes for the next installment of QB1: Beyond the Lights.

Where Can You Stream It?

The series was originally available on Go90, but Netflix has since become the preferred platform for binge-watching it.

Qb1 Season 4 Trailer

As previously stated, there have been no announcements regarding the release date of QB1 season 4. Nonetheless, the official teaser has yet to be posted! The promotional teaser or trailer is expected to be released a month or two after the season 4 confirmation. If we get any news updates from the team, we’ll include them in our next piece. Keep an eye out!

A Short Synopsis

Overall, the show strives to launch the careers of motivated kids who want to be successful in sports. The show’s producers ensure that all of the previous seasons’ players are now well-established on their college or university football teams.

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Opportunities like this serve to empower skills while also acting as a motivator. This program is intended not just for football enthusiasts, but also for all students, to let them realize how much hard effort, adaptability, and sacrifice are required to attain their desired destination. The journey, rather than the destination, is the center of this program.

How Many Seasons of Qb1 Are Available on Netflix?

The first season of QI, a British comedy show hosted by Stephen Fry, has premiered on Netflix in the United States. QI stands for “Quite Interesting.” In the United Kingdom and Canada, the show is also known as “QI.”

On February 13, 2017, Netflix launched the first season. Netflix is a popular streaming service with over 125,000 movies and TV episodes available. QB1 has approximately 2,000 episodes available on Netflix. This figure includes both the original series and the Netflix revival, as well as reruns.


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Aaron Sorkin devised the program, which stars Jeff Daniels as an everyman who enters politics to preserve his job at a dying newspaper. Since its debut, Netflix has constantly released new seasons of QB1. The show has eight seasons in all, with the first six available on Netflix.

QB1 is a Netflix original sitcom that premiered in March 2016. Mike Judge and Greg Daniels created it, and they also serve as executive producers. The show follows the life of an ordinary man who discovers he is the son of a former NFL quarterback and decides to follow in his father’s footsteps by playing football.

Qb1 Season 4: Ratings and Reviews?

The show earned overwhelmingly good reviews from both fans and critics. On IMDb, it received a decent 7.7 out of 10 ratings. Other review aggregator sites have similar positive feedback.


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