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Noragami Season 3 Release Date: Watch This Season on Crunchyroll!

Studio Bones animated both seasons of Noragami by Adachitoka. It’s been over six years since we last saw Yato and the rest of the crew on screen. Studio Bones has been focused on making multiple seasons of great anime like My Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, and Mob Psycho 100, which is a shame because fans have been asking for a gem like Noragami: Season 3, but they haven’t gotten it.

It’s very strange that Noragami: Season 3 hasn’t come out yet, since the last season, Noragami: Aragoto, was the most-watched anime, second only to One-Punch Man when it came out in the fall. There have been no rumors about it, and Bones hasn’t said anything about it, so here’s when you can expect Noragami: Season 3 to come out.

Release Date of Noragami Season 3

Unfortunately, Bones has not stated when the anime would be released; if he were to do so, it would be a surprise. The third season of Noragami could be released as early as 2024.

noragami season 3

The delay in the release of Noragami: Season 3 is due to the manga’s lengthy hiatus, which can last over a year. This results in the publishing of fewer than four chapters per year, and as a result, the series’ popularity has sharply fallen since Season 2 debuted in 2015.

Sales, profitability, and the general audience’s current interest in other new anime have not helped, so Noragami: Season 3 appears to be little more than a notion at the moment.

Spolier of Noragami Season 3

The word “Noragami” means “stray god,” which is exactly what Yato is. He is an oddball minor god who grants wishes for 5 yen so that one day everyone will worship him. Noragami: Aragoto told the whole story of the Bishamonten Arc, where Ebisu was reborn as a child, and Yato and Bishamon put an end to their bad feelings.

noragami season 3

There are still a lot of chapters left in the manga, enough for two or three more seasons. It looks like the Sakura Arc will be the first part of Noragami: Season 3. In this arc, Yuki helps Yato become a god of fortune who helps people, while Hiyori learns more about Yato’s past.

Studio of Noragami Season 3

It’s hard to say who will make Noragami: Season 3 because Bones hasn’t worked on the anime in a long time. Since they’ve been the stars of the show so far, it would make sense for them to animate it.

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But Bones hasn’t shown any signs of continuing the anime, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the project was taken over by another studio.

Where to Watch Noragami Season 3

Crunchyroll licensed the first two seasons of Noragami, so it’s almost certain that Noragami: Season 3 will also be available to watch there. Crunchyroll has also taken over Funimation, and since Netflix doesn’t have the license, it looks like Crunchyroll is the only choice.

noragami season 3

Even though it doesn’t look good for Noragami: Season 3, a lot of anime have come back from the dead after a decade, so for now we wouldn’t say “never say never.”

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