Cursed Season 2 Release Date: Has Netflix Renewed Cursed for a Second Season?

It has been confirmed that Netflix will not be carrying Season 2 of Cursed. After more than a year since the premiere of the first season in July 2020, Deadline reports that the show has been discreetly canceled. Anyone who has been keeping up with What’s on Netflix knows that the show was canceled in April of 2021.

The Netflix original series Cursed is based on Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller’s Illustrated Ya novel of the same name.

Nimue is sent on a mission by her mother to find the wizard Merlin and return the Sword of Power to him after the devastation of her village and family. As the terrible Red Paladins plot to wipe out all Fey, the kingdom’s survival is in her hands.

Has Netflix Renewed Cursed for a Second Season?

According to sources, the Streaming service Netflix has been canceled as of 07/09/2021.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to confirm the renewal of Cursed for a second season in April 2021.

Since its premiere, Netflix has been unusually silent on the fate of this show and Letter to the King. Usually, we have to wait between one and three months to find out a show’s destiny on Netflix.


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In April, we saw several props from the show listed on eBay, which may be a bad sign or could just mean that these objects (which are generally inconsequential to the tale) are no longer needed.

On July 9, 2021, Deadline announced that the series had been secretly canceled.

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According to what I’ve heard, Netflix has discreetly canceled the fantasy series based on a major figure in the King Arthur legend after only one season. The actors have been given the go-light to pursue other projects.

The show received mediocre reviews overall, and Netflix has never revealed any data regarding the show’s success. We do know it was only in the top 10 on Netflix for about three to four weeks total (in both the UK and the US).

The fact that Katherine Langford hasn’t been cast in any other long-term projects is encouraging news for the show’s potential return.

What We Expected to See From Season 2 of Cursed

The second season of Cursed left many unanswered questions.

Has Nimue made it through unscathed?
Because of the season’s prologue, we were aware of Nimue’s fate, and it was perhaps not shocking when Iris struck Nimue with what could be a fatal blow.

It’s not the end of Nimue, but the second season is when we should finally see her become the legendary Lady of the Lake.


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Some of Nimue’s full strength may be shown in season 2. Nimue, devastated by Gawain’s death, summoned The Hidden’s power once more, sending a wave of magic across the Pendragon camp. Not long after Nimue was taken by the Red Paladins, Gawain’s body appeared engulfed in a magical ring of grass and flowers. When will Gawain return from the dead?

Powerful Merlin is back.
Merlin’s magical abilities resurfaced after a couple of decades of dormancy when, in his grief and wrath over the “death” of Nimue, he held the Sword of Power for the first time in years.

It’s not clear whether Merlin’s power was dormant before he used the sword, or whether it was reawakened thereafter.

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Nonetheless, Merlin promised he would never use the sword again; will he be able to let go of it when the time comes? And will the removal of his magic be permanent this time?

To Play the Game Of Thrones
To use a bad pun, the evident backstabbing, shady transactions, and struggle for the Pendragon throne are reminiscent of another popular fantasy book.

No blood has been spilled between Uther Pendragon and Cumber the Ice King, yet neither of them has the Sword of Power. While familial ties make Cumber the legitimate heir, Uther has proven himself to be a competent, if whiny, King.


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Any of the kings’ fortunes are vulnerable to the Church or Red Spear, a group of rebel raiders. Uther and Cumber’s struggle for the throne will dominate much of the upcoming season.

Do we see Arthur ascending to the throne?
Everybody wants to know if Arthur will become king one day, and that’s only one of many questions on everyone’s minds.

Both Arthur and Morgana in this story come from humble backgrounds, making them poor candidates for the throne. While it’s possible we’ll never see Arthur take the throne, Nimue could play a major role in ensuring his eventual success.


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If both Uther and Cumber perish, the country will be in disarray since no monarch will be in charge. At this point, Arthur has established himself as a capable leader and a defender of the common people.

Is it possible that Arthur won’t get Excalibur back?
Excalibur, or the Sword of Power as it is here, is the most legendary in fantasy literature, and in the hands of its wielder, extraordinary powers are at one’s disposal.

The next person to hold the sword, after Nimue, will most likely be Arthur.

Even though Merlin was trying to appease Cumber, he hinted at this.


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Those who pursue the sword will be consumed by it. Those who wait for the opportunity to present itself, however, are the ones who will be equipped with the intelligence to use the sword effectively.

Although Arthur did initially steal the sword, he subsequently made amends by demonstrating almost little desire to keep it for himself.

Cursed Season 2 Cast: Who’s in It?

Fans are understandably upset by this development, given the gruesome cliffhanger that ended Season 1.

As Merlin reclaimed his power with the aid of Excalibur and escaped with Morgana, he shot her with arrows, and she fell into the ocean.

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Skarsgrd expressed his desire for a second season of Cursed before the show was canceled. “Primarily because I want to know what becomes of Merlin and the rest of the cast. The cliffhanger at the end of Episode 10 has me desperate for more information.


Nimue is a young heroine with a strange gift who is destined to become the mighty (and sad) Lady of the Lake in Cursed, which is defined as a “re-imagining of the Arthurian legend. For more details visit our website

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