Luther the Fallen Sun Release Date: What Can We Expect From Luther the Fallen Sun?

Finally, Luther: The Fallen Sun has received some news. The forthcoming crime drama will pick up where the corresponding television series left off in 2019. Idris Elba, a renowned British actor, will return as Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) John Luther in the movie.

The eagerly awaited film will debut on February 24, 2023, in a select number of cinemas, and on March 10, 2023, it will be available on Netflix.

Luther the Fallen Sun Release Date: When It Will Be Premiere?

Idris Elba has revealed the exact release date for his next Luther movie on Netflix and in theatres.

The film, Luther: The Fallen Sun, is expected to be released in theatres and on streaming services in the following month. Elba’s DCI John Luther, who plays the title role, teased the movie’s premiere date on Instagram.

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The actor published a little video announcing the news in the role of John Luther, complete with foreboding revelation and enigmatic voiceover that asks, “Do you see it now?” and “Something is coming.”


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Elba, who previously played DCI John Luther on television for five seasons between 2010 and 2019, will reprise the role in the next movie. In the psychological thriller, Luther will take on one of London’s most horrifying crimes—possibly the detective’s most challenging case to date.

The movie will follow what happens after his daring prison break as he looks for a lead on the horrifying serial killer ravaging London’s streets.

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On February 24, Luther: The Fallen Sun hits theatres, and on March 10, it becomes available on Netflix.

What Can We Expect From Luther the Fallen Sun?

The two-hour movie’s screenplay and story were written by Neil Cross, who also created and wrote the Luther series. The streamer’s official synopsis for Luther: The Fallen Sun reads as follows:

“While brilliant but disgraced investigator John Luther [Idris Elba] is imprisoned, a grisly serial killer terrorizes London. Luther decides to escape from prison to complete the mission using whatever available means because he is haunted by his inability to apprehend the cyberpsychopath, who is now taunting him.”


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The film is being directed by Jamie Payne, who was also in charge of the fifth season of Luther.

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A man’s voice asks, “You see me now?” as Luther pans out. then the release information is revealed in the teaser. Three weeks after Netflix posted first-look images of the movie on social media, the development happened.


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Elba walks tensely and seems focused in the first picture while wearing his trademark black coat and scarlet tie. In the second picture, he’s in a busy place and appears to be pleading with someone to stop. In the third picture, Luther is walking with his hands in his pockets through a snow-covered landscape.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Tv Program Luther Good?

Idris Elba is given the best possible stage in this compelling character drama, which also progresses to some dark and compelling places. I’m intrigued as long as I can see Elba on the screen, and I get even more excited when he and Wilson are together. There are several positive aspects of Luther’s debut episode.

Is the Movie the Luther a Prequel?

Elba has said that the movie takes place after the Series 5 finale, despite some early intentions for a Luther prequel. Watching the previous season will show you where it picks up.

When Luther Was Filmed?

In late September or early October 2010, production began. It was originally scheduled to be in two two-hour episodes, but it was instead broadcast in four one-hour installments. The debut episode debuted on BBC One on June 14, 2011.

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