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Marvel Studios Producer Nate Moore Confirms, Styles Will Be Returning to the Mcu

In 2021, Harry Styles pleasantly shocked the audience by making an appearance in the post-credits scene of Marvel’s Eternals, which served as his MCU debut as Starfox/Eros. But after that, there was no word on his involvement with the franchise, and people began to wonder if his casting was just a one-time fan service.

Styles will return to the MCU, according to a recent update from Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore, and there are still a lot of Starfox-related storylines to be told. To learn more about the development, keep reading.

Harry Styles Will Reprise His Role as Starfox in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

When Moore recently appeared as a guest on the Crew Call Podcast, the host asked him if Harry Styles’s MCU debut was “just a stunt.” Moore responded, “No, we definitely didn’t cast Harry for a tag. I mean, once more- And a character [that] perhaps I have too much affection for, given that he’s had some troubled publishing runs.

However, there are still more tales to be told involving that individual. He is amazing. He and Thanos have a really fascinating relationship because they are half-brothers and have the same father. His skill set is interesting. He’s a complex guy, but he’s also a lot of fun,” he continued.


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“And I think… having met Harry Styles, he is as charming as you want him to be,” Moore continued. And once we get to bring him back, I believe there is no end to how good that character will be.

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The producer then disclosed that the choice to cast Styles in the Eternals was made by director Chloé Zhao. “Chloé loves Harry Styles so much and… I would always say, “Eros, he’s really cool.” She then announces, “It’s Harry Styles.” Then I asked, “Are you sure?” He said, “And she was obsessed and tracked him down and got him in the movie.

When Will We See Him in Another Marvel Movie, the Singer?

Although Styles’ involvement in the superhero franchise has been confirmed, it is unknown when and how his character will make a comeback. The 28-year-old actor said he “doesn’t envisage doing a movie for a long” in a previous interview, adding that “it’d be funny if Eternals was it.”


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The return of Styles was also alluded to by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who said, “Yes, the adventures of Eros and Pip are something that is really exciting for us.” Eros is Thanos’ brother in the comic books, who is currently Marvel’s most formidable foe. The character might make an appearance in the unconfirmed Eternals sequel.


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The possibility of a Disney+ series centered on the concept of Eros had also previously been rumored, which would further elevate both the star and the character. The series hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, though. Eros will most likely play a significant part in the unfolding Multiverse saga and may even team up with the heroes in Avengers: Secret Wars in 2026, it still seems likely.

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