Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date: What Do We Know About the Plotline?

First launched in 2015, Angels of Death is a psychological horror video game. The video game was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and was later ported to iOS and Android. J.C. Staff, who have been making popular animes since the ’80s, are behind the animation adaption.

A new season confirmation for Angels of Death would be welcome news, as the studio is well-known for producing long-running anime series like “One Punch Man” and “DanMachi.” Local stations AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, T.V. Aichi, Sun T.V., BS11, and TVQ aired the anime from July 6, 2018, until October 26, 2018, under license from Funimation and Crunchyroll.

The +4 episode OVA was a hit with fans of the anime, whose success was boosted by its availability on Hulu TV. However, additional content is sought by audiences. Can we expect a second season of the show after four years?

After a brief break, Season 2 of Satsuriku no Tenshi will premiere on Netflix on October 5, 2018. Episode 13 of Angels of Death already has a trailer out for fans to see.

Will There Be a Second Season of Angels of Death?

J.C. Staff or any affiliated firm has not renewed the show for a second season as of July 30, 2022. The anime series, which is based on the game and manga, uses their stories as inspiration, with some modifications.

Fans of the show have many questions unanswered, including whether or not Rachel died. While we have heard nothing about a new season of the anime via official sources, we may still make educated guesses.

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There was a surge in demand for the anime’s Blu-ray release over the summer of 2018. There was a higher volume of disc sales during that period than there is today, but the actual numbers were still well below projections.

Angel of Death averaged less than 1,000 copies per volume for its entire run when the industry standard for an anime is at least 4,000 copies sold. There was a surge in demand for the Angels of Death anime CD over the summer of 2018. During the same time frame, Banana Fish was released to the public and quickly sold 7,944 copies.

According to Myanimelist, Angels of Death is the 312th most popular anime. With this rating, the anime will likely be picked up for a second season. Furthermore, it placed 72nd at the 2019 Tokyo Anime Award Festival. Looking at Google search data to gauge the anime’s current popularity, we see a high volume of inquiries.

Of course, it also helps that the video game is just as well-liked as the show. If a popular anime has its own video game, then sales must be good. However, we believe the creators are up for the challenge of a new season.

Renewed anime tend to be reasonably well-liked in Japan, with a respectable number of fans. There are approximately 110k individuals that follow Angels of Death’s official Twitter account (@strk Tenshi).

Angels Of Death Season 2 Release Date

The second season of this show has not been announced at this time. Three years have passed since the conclusion of the most current season of Angels of Death in 2018. Who knows, maybe the John Doe crew has been hard at work on a new series or anything else in the past few months.

Season two of Angels of Death, which we eagerly anticipate, will premiere in 2022. While we wait for the second season of Angels of Death, we can watch other popular anime like Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, and Wanted.

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When I finished Angels of Death, I wished there was another book in the series. Unfortunately, I have nothing else to add at this time. There are a select number of anime now available that match this edgy horror piece’s level of excitement and excellence. Angels of Death is a fun read; you should give it a try.

After finishing season 1 of “angels of death,” I found myself eager for more. My heartstrings were amazingly and powerfully tugged by this fantastic work of literature. The show is excellent; I give it eight out of ten.

Despite our lack of information, it is typical for anime characters to maintain their personality traits from season to season. That being said, previous characters could return in this one if they are still alive and well. I say we play them back again.

What Do We Know About The Plotline?

Teenager Rachel’s tale. She has no idea what will happen between the time she goes to sleep and the time she wakes up.


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Rachel is horrified and confused because of this; she has no idea where she is and can’t even recall what happened.

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She comes upon a bandaged man who has been injured while on her journey. The girl and the stranger decide to stick together and try to escape the building together.


There is no word on when the second season will premiere, but we’ll let our readers know as soon as we hear anything.

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