Destined With You Release Date: When is the Netflix Renewed for Destined With You?

Netflix will start streaming the Korean drama “Destined With You” in 2023. Dramas with a romantic dream theme have been among the most-watched Korean dramas on Netflix. When it premieres on Netflix in 2023, the k-pop artist Rowoon and actress Jo Bo Ah’s Destined With You may become another big hit.

The plot summary for Destined With You was taken from HanCinema. It is described as a drama about an enticing relationship between a woman who acquired a forbidden book that had been wholly sealed 300 years prior and a man who ended up as the victim of the banned book.

Destined With You Release Date: When is the Netflix Release Date for Destined With You?

There is currently no official Netflix release date. A tentative release date for the K-drama is still unknown.

However, we do know that Destined With You will be available on Netflix in 2023 because it was mentioned in the service’s 2023 preview of its slate of Korean dramas.

What is the Plot of Destined With You?

Dramatization of an enthralling romance between a guy who was victimized by the prohibited book and a lady who acquired a forbidden book that had been tightly sealed 300 years prior.

Who Are the Cast Members of Destined With You?

The lead part of Jang Shin Yu is played by Rowoon. After The King’s Affection and Tomorrow, his third original K-drama for Netflix will be eagerly anticipated by lovers of K-pop.

Lee Jong Ho is portrayed by Jo Bo Ah in the principal role. The actress, who has appeared in some highly regarded dramas outside of the streaming service, including My Strange Hero, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, and Missing Noir M, will be making her Netflix debut.

destined with you release date
destined with you release date

Ha, Joon performs in an unnamed starring role. Ha, Joon has only so far appeared in one Korean drama on Netflix, Arthdal Chronicles, where he had a supporting character in each of the three episodes. Since then, he has acted in several well-known k-dramas, including Black Dog, Crazy Love, and Bad Prosecutor.

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Additionally, Yura performs a lead role in an unnamed film. A member of The Girl’s Day recently appeared in the Korean drama Forecasting Love and Weather on Netflix. She has acted in dramas other than Netflix, including Radio Romance, Hip Hop Teacher, and After the Show Ends.

There are currently eight confirmed supporting actors: Hyun Bong Shik from Narco Saints, Park Kyung Hye from Goblin, Lee Bong Ryun from Sweet Home, Jung Hye Young from Reborn Rich, Lee Pil Mo from The King’s Affection, Jung Sae Rom from Hyena, Park Jung Eon from Lie After Lie, and Mi Ram from Lie After Lie (Be Melodramatic).

What Can We Expect From Destined With You?

Three of Netflix’s all-time most popular shows are from Korea, and Korean series and films have frequently appeared in our Global Top 10 list in more than 90 countries over the past year.

One of those programs is “Squid Game,” which has competitors playing dangerous kid’s games for money. In 2021, the company’s #1 show globally was the survival drama.

The streaming platform’s charts for several weeks were topped by “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” a series that followed the titular Woo Young-woo as “a newcomer at a prominent legal firm and a woman on the autism spectrum.”

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It will also feature fresh programming like the hotshot lawyer and civil servant romance “Destined With You” and the most recent episode of the popular series “Sweet Home,” which follows a teen’s struggle to survive as people start to transform into monsters.

As its growth in North America slows, Netflix is generating more and more original international content and relying on opportunities abroad.

In the third quarter, Netflix attracted 1.4 million paid customers in the Asia Pacific area, making it the region with the strongest growth for the firm.

Disney (DIS), among other media behemoths, is also placing significant bets on Korean entertainment. Several fresh South Korean titles, including a lineup of original shows with the K-pop band BTS, have just received the company’s approval.

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