Scream 6’s Official Trailer Released: Courteney Cox’s Character Might Not Be in a Seventh “Scream” Movie?

Finally released, the official teaser for “Scream 6” has fans speculating about the future of one of the franchise’s iconic characters, Gale Weathers, who appears in the movie in what appears to be a very dire predicament.

Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott will not appear in the sixth “Scream” movie (per IndieWire), although several other cast members are expected to. A few characters from earlier “Scream” movies are also in the running for the 2023 slasher, in addition to all of the new cast members who made it through the previous installment, including Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy-Brown, Melissa Barrera, and Mason Gooding.

This includes Cox, who has been in every “Scream” movie, as well as Hayden Panettiere, who is repeating her role as Kirby Reed from “Scream 4”. Ghostface is back as well, and this time he has a new person hiding behind the mask. By killing anybody who stands in his way, the knife-wielding psychopath is trying to outdo all the other psychopaths who have earned the reputation for being mass murderers.

The odds are stacked against the people the dangerous villain is after, whether they are in subway trains or convenience stores. Gale is one of those unfortunate people, and when she is briefly shown throughout the thrilling trailer, worried fans of the character have responded rather strongly.

Courteney Cox’s Character Might Not Be in a Seventh “Scream” Movie?

When the trailer came out, people quickly responded to the chaos they saw in it. People spoke up because they were afraid that Courteney Cox’s character might not be in a seventh “Scream” movie.

In the comments section of YouTube, user @dominikskalic5145 wrote, “I’m actually so scared for Gale this time, it looks like he got her in the trailer, and the fact that they killed Dewey in Scream 5 makes me think that they will kill the famous trio, with Gale being killed [off] this time and Sidney being the only one left from them in Scream 7 maybe, and I don’t really believe they’d kill her off any time in the future.”

Gale Weathers’ situation doesn’t look good in the trailer, and if the franchise wants to get rid of its long-running characters, “Scream 6” could be the last time we see her.

Others, like @furby7, couldn’t help but talk about how excited they were for the feature, even though they were worried about whether or not Gale would live “This looks out of this world. I can’t wait, but I’m scared for everyone, especially Gale, this time.”

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Another user asked Ghostface to stay away from Gale in all capital letters, but also said they were excited to see the movie “I’m excited that Ghostface is cruel, that characters are coming back, and that it looks like no one is safe. I’m so excited to see this!!” Nothing lasts forever, and Cox’s time on the franchise could be coming to an end, but some people think Gale isn’t going anywhere.

Fans Showing Support for Courteney Cox Character Gale Weathers

While many YouTube fans predict the demise of Courteney Cox’s character, Gale Weathers, Twitter users are more upbeat and support her in doing what she does best, which is survive. User @coolgirlmarcy said, “gale weathers WILL live to see another movie TRUST,” in an attempt to comfort anyone who had any doubts about Gale’s abilities to dance with Ghostface and survive in “Scream 6.”

Another supporter, @m0nirath, wrote in response to the speculation around Gale’s alleged murder that they were perplexed “Why is everyone predicting that Gale will commit suicide in Scream VI? like, why not?” And @fauxdior posted, “The prospect of gale and/or kirby dying in scream VI is starting to upset me,” indicating that she doesn’t like the idea of any legacy characters passing away.

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In the “Scream” flicks, it doesn’t matter who survives or perishes. Everything is possible because the franchise has a history of following the guidelines and formulas before flipping them upside down to confound expectations. The directors promise that “Scream 6” will be a massacre of epic proportions that surpasses the previous films, despite the fact that Gale’s future is unknown.

Even Jenna Ortega let Entertainment Tonight know that the movie isn’t holding back “Simply put, the gore increases. This Ghostface, in my opinion, is the most abrasive and vicious we’ve ever seen.” All bets are off when it comes to whether or not Cox’s days are numbered in the world of Scream if there is going to be a lot of bloodshed in the sixth chapter.


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