Fauda Season 4 Release Date: When Will Fauda Season 4 Be on Netflix?

Fauda season 4 release date on Netflix on January 20, 2023, at 3 am ET. The protagonist of the hit Israeli series is a former soldier who is compelled to return to active duty to safeguard Israel from a terrorist group that he had previously thought was extinguished.

In 2015, the first season debuted to widespread critical and public acclaim. Lior Raz plays the primary part, and a slew of supporting actors also make appearances.

Fauda season 4 Renewed Status: When It Will Be Renewed?

Although Fauda is a Netflix Original in several territories, the decision to renew the show is not the streaming service’s responsibility. Fauda is primarily broadcast by the Israeli TV network YES, with Netflix only controlling foreign broadcasts.

It was assumed there would be a fourth season, according to sources, even before the show’s renewal was announced. According to an article in Israel Hayom (translated):


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Creator Avi Issacharoff said last week that production on season four of the covert gang’s suspense series has begun.

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We learned that Fauda would be returning for a fourth season on September 14, 2020, thanks to the show’s official Facebook page. They wrote, “Finally, the announcement we’ve all been waiting for!” in a post. Season 4 will include Fauda’s return. We’ll be in touch again shortly.

When Will Fauda Season 4 Be on Netflix?

The show, which originally aired on Yes Oh from July to September of 2022, will now debut on Netflix in January of 2023.

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According to reports from Ynet, the Netflix debut is set for January 20 of the following year, 2023.

What Do You Know About Fauda Cast and Plot?

In Fauda, the protagonist, Doron, an Israeli soldier, is dragged out of retirement to track down a terrorist. The drama series delves into Doron and his squad’s struggles to defend the motherland against a wide variety of terrorists and militants. For a synopsis of the film courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes, here it is:

After leaving the IDF, Doron now tends grapevines. However, he is forced back into action when he finds out that an adversary he and his unit thought they had slain is still alive and is making plans to attend Doron’s brother’s wedding.


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To attend the wedding undercover, Doron re-joins the IDF squad, but their cover is exposed and the plot goes astray. In response, the IDF launches a manhunt to track down and eliminate the target of the squad’s assassination attempt.

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Lior Raz plays the title character, Doron, on the show. Raz’s fierce performance as the series’ main character has won him high marks from both viewers and reviewers. The Israeli actor has also had appearances in Hit & Run and Operation Finale, among many others, in addition to Fauda.

Hesham Sulliman, Inbar Lavi, Amir Boutrous, and a slew of others round out the cast.

On January 20, 2023, you may stream the newest season of Fauda on Netflix.

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