My Life as Inukais Dog Episode 3 Release Date: What Will Happen Next in This Season?

My Life As Inukais Dog Episode 3 release date On January 19, 2023, Karen’s jealousy will be explored in Episode 3. Below are some sneak peek pictures:

The first episode of My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s aired on January 5, 2023, and the show currently has two episodes available. The show is being animated by Studio Quad, and Takashi Andou is in charge of the direction. HIDIVE hosts the anime series.

My Life as Inukais Dog Episode 3 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

There won’t be any long waits until you can view the next episode of your favorite anime series. Inukai-Dog: san’s My Everyday Life On January 21, 2023, the third installment will premiere.

It will begin at 08:30 local time on Sunday, January 21 in New York City, USA (EST), 01:30 local time in London, UK (GMT), 06:30 local time in Paris, France (CET), 12:30 local time in Tokyo, Japan (JST), 06:30 local time in Sydney, Australia (AEDT), 11:00 local time in Mumbai, India (IST), 05:00 local time in Beijing, China (CST), 07:30 local time in Seoul, South Korea (KST), and so

My Life As Inukais Dog Episode 3 Synopsis

This animation was inspired by the manga series My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s (Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta) by Itsutsuse. Since August 2022, Kodansha has been releasing it in Magazine Pocket, and there are now seven volumes out there. Specifically, here is how Manga Pocket summarises it:

A romantic comedy told from the protagonist’s point of view, whereby the protagonist is raised by a gorgeous and sophisticated female protagonist. As soon as you open your eyes, you’ll realize that you’ve been transformed into Inukai-pet san’s dog since she’s so ridiculously hip and gorgeous. To her classmates, Inukai-san is just another faceless girl. However, she is a dog fanatic. She takes him for walks and toilet breaks and teaches him to behave like a dog. She’s the kind of person who can lose all sense of humanity.

Where To Watch My Life as Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 3?

My Life as Inukai-Dog sans is available for viewing. Episode 3 is available now on Hidive and on the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel, where you can also find the previous episodes of the anime.

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My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?

“My Life as Inukai’s Dog” is the name of the book. Scared Neko, Episode 3 The storyline will revolve around Nekotani and Pochita’s ordeal of keeping tabs on his loved ones. Because she is her next-door neighbor, Nekotani has the key. Pochita, however, requires a strategy to convince her.

As a gesture of compassion, he intends to lick her sprained kneecap. Maybe Nekotani will give in to his adorableness and try to lift her. Will Inukai, however, consent to her abducting him?

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Not. Pochita is completely oblivious to Inukai’s possessive nature. When someone interrupts her quality time with Pochita, her eyes become fiery red. Nekotani, meantime, will try to steal him from time to time just for fun.

As the two ladies compete for Pochita’s love, the episode is sure to be dramatic and tense. Meanwhile, Pochita will be conflicted by his allegiance to Inukai and his longing to be with his loved ones again. It’s going to be a nail-biting episode that will have fans on the edge of their seats.

My Life As Inukais Dog Episode 3 Recap

“Walkies” is the name of Episode 3 of My Life as Inukai’s Dog. A few days ago, Pochita moved in with his owner, Karen Inukai. Despite his fondness for his new home, Pochita could not recall his life before he was transformed into a dog.

His room was the last thing he could recall; after that, everything was a haze. As much as Pochita wanted to come home and find out what had happened, he was unable to do so since he was too short to reach the doorknob. It was a lucky break that Inukai chose to take him out for a stroll.

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Now that everything and everyone around him seemed so enormous, Pochita was filled with wonder. Naked, he felt awkward and exposed. Pochita followed Inukai as he ran along a less populated street. Inukai found it funny, but Pochita felt ashamed since he could see her underpants.

Pochita yanked Inukai away from the path of the incoming ball, but the two of them still ended up on the ground. They managed to evade the ball, but not before Pochita’s nose got hooked in Inukai’s knickers.

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