The New Employee Episode 6 Release Date: Who Are in This Episode?

Find out when the next installment of The New Employee Episode 6 Release Date will be available to stream below. The Korean entertainment business is putting in extra hours to introduce each new Thai boy love program as it comes out. The new hire is the newest thing to be kept an eye on.

Before we announce the release date for the sixth episode of the new employee series and explain how to watch the episode online, we will provide our new viewers with an overview of the storyline and characters. The protagonists of the gay love story “The New Employee” are the head of an advertising firm and his assistant.

An adaptation of Moscareto & Zecc’s 2016 webcomics “The New Employee” and “The New Recruit,” which centers on a gay couple, is reported to have served as inspiration for this film. As Seung Hyun reflects on their initial meeting and tries to learn from his faults, he finds himself overcome with emotion.

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Despite his best efforts, he always ends up in the presence of Jong Chan. Is there any way out of the fate that seems to have brought them all together? There have been numerous other translations of plays released this year.

The New Employee Episode 6 Release Date

Episode six of The New Employee airs on January 25, 2023. The sixth episode of The New Employee airs on Watcha today at 3:00 pm GMT/8:00 pm EST. At 5 am AEDT (January 26), 11.30 pm IST (Indian Standard Time)

 6 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), Episode 6 of The New Employee will be available for international fans to stream online.

Employee Season 6 Episode 6 Cast Members: Who Are In It?

The importance of Kim Jong Chan’s part was not lost on Kwon Hyuk. Jong Chan (Moon JiYong) is the head of a successful advertising agency, and Moon JiYong’s character, Woo SeungHyun, is a workaholic to the extreme. Eventually, we’ll find out that SeungHyun is, in fact, a brand new intern at this prestigious advertising agency.

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Na YooSeong will be played by Choi SiHun. Then, there’s Na Yoo Seong, who plays Seung Hyun’s first real girlfriend in the film. In his role as Lee Beom, Kim Tae Young will be seen by viewers. She has more of a supporting part to perform. It was previously claimed that Kim Kwang Soo is leading the endeavor.

Where To Watch The New Employee Episode 6?

For those of you outside of Korea, you can watch The New Employee Episode 6 on Viki at the times specified above, while in South Korea, you can watch it on Watcha. Viki’s cheapest viewer bundle costs $6 per month to run. Travelers from other countries should check their local times against those listed above.

What is the Plotline of The New Employee Episode 6?

The New Employee (or “The New Recruit”) is the title of a digital comic drawn by Moscareto and Zecc. A young, chaste man named Seung Hyun appears. Is it possible that these dashing dudes won’t have to work together at all?

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Manta is one of the comics published by Ridi Books that is available in both English and Korean. It’s recommended that site visitors be at least 18 years old to read these comics.

The Premise of The New Employee

A man in his twenties named Seung Hyun (or Mun Ji Yong) is not accustomed to what is considered to be an “adult” lifestyle. Considering how little he knows about interpersonal and intrapersonal connections, Seung Hyun is, certainly, a slacker. To rephrase, he lacks background in either field.

Everything, however, shifts when he is offered the job he has always wanted. Seung Hyun’s first day on the job as an assistant at a prestigious advertising agency is marred by his encounter with a strikingly good-looking but distant man.

Incredibly, Seung Hyun’s first week was even more remarkable when he learned that the incredible guy he had met was none other than his boss, Kim Jong Chan. There is more detail about his interactions with Kwon Hyuk that he has described.

South Korean director K. Jo Kwang based his 2022 romantic comedy “The New Employee” on the Moscareto comic of the same name.

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