Hilda Season 3 Release Date: What Can We Expect From This Season?

The planned third and last season of Hilda Season 3. It will come after the special about Hilda and the Mountain King. Although no Hilda Season 3 Release date has been set as of yet, it is most likely to occur in 2023. It was revealed on November 19, 2021, that the third season of the show will be it’s last.

Hilda, a brave girl with blue hair, walks out of the forest into the town where she meets new people and encounters fantastic adventures, magic, and potentially hazardous monsters. 11-year-old Hilda was raised by her mother in a cottage on the edge of a forest not far from the walled city of Trolberg.

When Was Hilda Renewed for Season 3?

Animation Magazine stealthily revealed the announcement of a third season in issue 317, published in February 2022.

A third and final season is confirmed to be coming in the article. Author of Hilda Luke Pearson has provided numerous important updates regarding the upcoming third and final season, stating:


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“Season three will move on from the movie’s events and explore some new ground. It’s a more focused, ongoing story than we’ve told before, which is exciting—even though there will be some detours.

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Though it will regrettably be the last, I can’t wait for folks to see what we have in store, especially since we’re going beyond the books and everything will be a surprise. I’d say it’s less about recapping what we’ve already seen and more about delving into previously unexplored facets of Hilda’s universe.

Hilda Season 3 Release date

Hilda Season 3 has not yet been given a release date, but we’ll keep you informed.

While you wait, if you’re a big Hilda fan, we recommend visiting HildaTheSeries on Reddit, where there is a thriving community discussing all things Hilda. There is a tonne of third season rumor there, including this post that hopes Hilda would develop a lasting fear in the upcoming fourth season.

Episode Guide

In response to accusations that the program is advancing the plot, Pearson also tweeted that Hilda will appear to be visibly older in the upcoming season.


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The third season of Hilda will have 13 episodes. While Monique Simmon was elevated to associate producer on the show, Emerald Wright-Collie will act as the series producer.

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It’s important to note that several “leaks” of third-season scripts surfaced in late 2021, indicating that some voice performers have begun and/or finished their work on the season. Instagram posts further support Ako Mitchell’s presence at the recording studio performing his Wood Man voiceover.

Hilda Season 3 Plotline: What Can We Expect From This Season?

In the series’ narrative, a character by the name of Hilda has left her house and is traveling to the city of Stolberg. Along with her Deer fox, the girl has left her house.

She will be constrained by this toy for the entire trip. The viewer is kept in suspense about how the girl would get to the city by the television show.

In this new metropolis, what would that girl do? She is new to the city, though, as are all of the inhabitants. They are unaware of their schedule and the new city.


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She is unsure about how to handle this new city and culture. The girl is not incredibly stupid, though. She is also really smart. She is carrying out their work in a really smart way.

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But she also brought a large number of their additional pals. In the new city, her friends are also supporting her. So a girl with blue-tinted hair serves as the basis for the series’ narrative.

To bring their desire to live, that girl left her home and moved to the new city. Her virtual and magical companions are now supporting her as she settles into the new metropolis.

The second season of the show is produced and released in December 2020, following the first season’s release.

The third season of the Hilda television show is now in production and will debut at some point this year.

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