Watch The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 3 on Crunchyroll: Marbas And Wisteria Relationship!

This week’s show was full of action. Episode 2 had a lot going on, but most of it was about the two main characters and their journey. There were definitely also some bumps in the road. But Episode 3 of The Tale of the Outcasts will show how the journey ends for the two travelers. Along the way, there will be more for the characters to find out. So, here are all the hints about what will happen in the next episode.

In episode two, there was a lot of emotional growth for the characters. In episode two, a lot was said about how the emotional situation was dealt with in a short amount of time. In episode three, it will be interesting to see how the anime deals with more problems. Also, the next episode will be mostly about how things will change for Marbas and Wisteria. So, keep reading to learn more about what will happen in the next episode.

What Happened in The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 2?

In Episode 2 of “The Tale of the Outcasts,” Wisteria and Marbas did chores around the house before going to the city to buy clothes for Wisteria. Wisteria tries on different dresses at the shop, as Marbas suggested. But Wisteria isn’t happy with what he picks for her, so she goes out to buy her own clothes. There, she meets Lady Diana Blackbell, who is a noblewoman, and her friend, Naberius. Wisteria and Diana decide to go shopping for clothes together, and Naberius gets an hour off. Marbas also runs into Naberius outside of the store.

Later, Wisteria and Marbas eat a sad meal together. Marbas runs into Snow Langley, who is Wisteria’s brother, on his way to get more supplies for their trip. They seem to know each other from some time in the past.

Marbas shows Snow where he lives in the forest, and Snow sees Wisteria there. He is shocked to see that his sister can’t see. But he acts like he’s there to help them pack their things for the trip. Later, Marbas and Snow get into a fight, but it ends when Snow tells Wisteria to stay with Marbas.

Release Date of The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 3

The next episode will premiere on January 22, 2023. The episode may be viewed on the official Crunchyroll pages. Are you enthusiastic about the pair’s new journey? We will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

 Tale of the Outcasts Episode 3

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Cast of The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 3

There are some well-known and talented actors in the show, such as

Character Japanese Voice Artist
Marbas Konishi, Katsuyuki
Snow Oosaka, Ryouta
Wisteria Taketatsu, Ayana
Astaroth Kobayashi, Yuu
Dantalion Takeuchi, Shunsuke
Diana Imayagi, Risa
Harriet Oda, Karin

Ratings of The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 3

The Tale Of The Outcasts Season 1 has received favorable reviews and high ratings. With a rating of 7.50 on IMDB and 7.03 on MyAnimeList. This indicates not just that fans are loving the narratives of this season, but also that they are eagerly anticipating the remainder of Season 1! Fans enjoy the show’s realistic depiction of school life and its joyful and amusing tone.

Trailer of The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 3

Episode 3 of the popular drama “The Tale Of The Outcasts” has been eagerly anticipated by fans. Unfortunately, there is currently no online trailer accessible to give visitors a sneak glimpse of what’s to come. This article investigates if a trailer for episode 3 is available and when it might be published. Episode 2 ended on a cliffhanger, so viewers can only speculate as to what episode 3 may bring.

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