Chanshi Episode 9 Release Date: What to Expect From This Episode? 

The ninth episode of Chainsaw Man will air on December 7 at midnight JST. The Katana Man arc began with the terrible death of Himeno, and fans can anticipate more conflict in the next episode of the anime series. Even though Katana Man’s death hasn’t been officially ruled out, additional action is probably certainly on the way.

The mystery group attacking Tokyo Special Division 4 and its motivations will also be fully explained in the forthcoming part. This might be a red herring as Katana Man said it’s because the Gun Devil desires Denji’s heart. The validity of this idea generates more problems than it does answers, though.

Chanshi Episode 9 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

On December 7, 2022, at midnight JST, local Japanese broadcasters will air Chainsaw Man Episode 9. This means that on Tuesday, December 6, a midday release will be observed for the majority of worldwide spectators. Additionally, viewers in a few areas will also see the episode when it debuts early on December 7th.

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Unfortunately, the Crunchyroll release of the series will take place an hour after its Japanese premiere. While other worldwide viewers must wait an hour for the episode to be made available to stream on Crunchyroll, Asian viewers can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video and various MediaLink sources.

Here are a few time zones and the days and times that viewers outside of those areas can watch Chainsaw Man Episode 9:

  • Tuesday, December 6, at eight a.m. PST
  • Eastern Standard Time: Tuesday, December 6, at 11 a.m.
  • Tuesday, December 6, 3 p.m. British Summer Time; 5 p.m. Central European Summer Time
  • Tuesday, December 6, at 8.30 p.m., Indian Standard Time
  • Time Zone: PST Tuesday, December 6, 11 p.m.
  • Japanese Standard Time: December 7 at midnight.
  • Australia Central Standard Time: Wednesday at 2:30 a.m.

What to Expect Chanshi Episode 9?

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 will probably begin with an anime-original flashback of Aki and Himeno’s relationship, based on the final shots of the previous episode, in which Aki discovers Himeno is dead.

Fans may remember that in the series’ trailer, one of the scenes featured Aki and Himeno sharing a private moment. Although it wasn’t included in the manga panels, the sequence from the anime’s original version is believed to show Aki thinking back on his time with Himeno after her passing.

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Beyond this, the episode will center on Denji using Katana Man to enter the battle. Although the show’s protagonist was shot in the head, it is highly unlikely that a Human-Devil Hybrid would have perished from this. This is especially accurate when you consider the Chainsaw Devil’s immense strength.

After the attack on Tokyo Special Division 4, Makima’s situation will probably be clarified in Chainsaw Man Episode 9 along with her upcoming actions. Thankfully, she is at least in a position to get her team the assistance they require as soon as possible because she is currently en route to meet with Public Safety “big wigs.”

What Happened Last Time in the Previous Episode?

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 was an emotional rollercoaster since it opens with a scene that portrays Himeno as being weak. With an intimate scene between Denji and Himeno, the action quickly takes an exciting turn. The blond protagonist, however, gets a realization when he understands that loving Makima is more valuable than giving in to his carnal urges.

The next morning, Denji and Himeno agree to work together to introduce each other to Makima and Aki, respectively. Makima is soon seen riding in a train bound for Kyoto as the picture quickly changes.

The overblown portion, however, enhances the aesthetic and technical mastery that MAPPA uses to carry off this performance. The tense music and tone are unexpectedly interrupted by a string of gunshots, heightening the tension as Tokyo Special Division 4 is suddenly attacked.

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The Katana Man and the Snake Devil are fought by Aki, Denji, Power, and Himeno in the following scene. The tension in the story finally reaches its peak with the emergence of Curse and Ghost Devil, culminating in Himeno’s abduction. The episode ends with this, but it sets up the action for the subsequent ones.

As 2022 develops, check back for more Chainsaw Man anime and manga news as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news.

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