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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Many More!

The long-awaited fourth episode of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is here! Fans of this enchanting fantasy series have been eagerly waiting for this day for months, and now it’s finally here. Soon, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale will release Episode 4, which will include an exciting new part of the story.

The episode looks like it will have exciting plot twists and interesting things happening to the characters. This post will keep you up to date on the official release date. It will also give spoilers and a summary of the last episode for those who may have missed it.

What is the Story of the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale?

After her mother dies, Ann decides to follow in her footsteps and become a Silver Sugar Master like her. This is a highly respected job in the country of Highland, where only a few people are truly good at it. After leaving, Ann goes to the town of Lewiston, where the royal family is holding a sugar sculpture festival. She has to win first place and get a royal medal to be called a Silver Sugar Master.

People in this version of history don’t think much of fairies and often make them slaves by cutting off one of their wings. Ann reluctantly decides to buy a fairy named Shall to protect her on her way to Lewiston. Ann isn’t sure if she should let Shall go or not because the roads leading up to the festival are dangerous and Shall will need protection.

When will Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4 Be Released?

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4 will premiere on Friday, January 27, 2023. Let’s examine the broadcast times for Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4 in different regions:

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Daylight Time 04:30 AM 27 January 2023, Friday
Central Daylight Time 06:30 AM 27 January 2023, Friday
Eastern Daylight Time 07:30 AM 27 January 2023, Friday
Indian Standard Time 06:00 PM 27 January 2023, Friday
Singapore Standard Time 08:30 PM 27 January 2023, Friday
Japanese Standard Time 09:30 PM 27 January 2023, Friday
Hong Kong Standard Time 08:30 PM 27 January 2023, Friday
Beijing Standard Time 08:30 PM 27 January 2023, Friday

Recap: What Happened in Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4?

When Anne goes to the Doctor’s Inn, she asks if the fairies can eat with them. This makes a stranger named Hugh interested in her. Anne makes a rose that will make the white sugar sparkle by following her mother’s lead. He asks Anne and Jonas to make him some Sugar Sweets. Hugh could be one of the judges at the Competition or even a Royal Sugar Sweet Master. Do you know who he is?

He laughs at both of their designs and gives them a lot of bad advice. It broke my heart for both of them but for Anne the most. As Anne runs to her room, Shall teases her and then, out of the blue, tries to make her feel better. He tells her that he’ll be handsome when he’s older and that her skills at making Silver Sugar will also change and grow. Who would have thought that our sneaky and cynical warrior fairy could be so charming?

His usual style is to get angry and fight with Anne. Shall tells the story of how he was born in front of Liz, a young girl with strawberry blonde hair like Anne’s. Shall was born seven years ago, and he stayed by her side for fifteen years after that. He made his point, but if Anne didn’t trust him, he wouldn’t have told her where he was from.

When Anne finds out that Liz was killed by humans, Shall’s heart stops, so she makes him some sugar sweets to make him feel better. When Anne gets into her carriage, a whole barrel of wine goes missing. When Cathy says that Mithril did it, he vehemently denies it, but when he sees that Anne thinks he did it, he runs away, heartbroken. Shall goes to find out what’s going on, and Jonas is already there.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4 Release Date

Anne doesn’t know what to do now that she’s out of sugar. As Jonas says, we see Anne and Jonas in the background picking apples and making silver sugar. You’ll find some delicious apples along the way. When the silver sugar is ready, Anne thinks about building a masterpiece based on her mother’s plans for a long time.

Jonas says he loves Anne as he tries to kiss her. He gets hit in the face by Anne. Anne and Shall are taking it easy after Anne has finished her piece. Jonas suddenly shows up and is happy for Anne. Before Anne can answer, Jonas puts the carriage with the design on his horse and rides away. Wild dogs rush for the shelter before Anne can answer.

Even though I had no reason to doubt him, he took Anne’s piece and left her to die. Cathy lured them in with blood that was not clean. Jonas is a wolf who wears sheep’s clothing. Anne told Shall to go after Jonas, but he didn’t. Instead, he stayed and fought the wild animals.

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Cast: Who Will Star in Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4?

There are some well-known and talented actors in the show, such as

Character Japanese Voice Artist
Halford, Ann Nukui, Yuka
Shall Fen Shall Mizunaka, Masaaki
Anders, Jonas Kawashima, Reiji
Benjamin Suzuki, Minori
Cat Terashima, Takuma
Cathy Yamane, Aya

Where to Watch Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4?

Fans can watch Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Tokyo, KBS Kyoto, and TVA, among other Japanese channels.

Crunchyroll lets people from other countries watch the fourth episode of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale. You can also watch the earlier episodes of the anime Sugar Apple Fairy Tale on the same sites. Fans in India can also watch the anime show for free on the official Muse India YouTube channel.

Trailer of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 4

At the time this episode was made, there was no trailer for Episode 4 of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale. The series is a popular anime that tells the story of a young girl named Sakura and her adventures in the magical world of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale.

Fans can get the latest news and updates by following the show’s official website and social media accounts. They can watch the first episode to get a taste of the fun world of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale until then.

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