Willow Behind the Magic Release Date: Who Are in It?

The Lucasfilm action-adventure series Willow: Behind The Magic’s production is the subject of the documentary Willow: Behind The Magic. As they revive this storied narrative, the documentary includes interviews with the actors, creators, and others.

After watching Willow’s season finale last week, if you’ve been itching to return to Tir Asleen, go no further than Disney+. The streamer has revealed that Willow: Behind the Magic, a brand-new documentary exploring the revival and creation of the series’ magical world, will be making its debut.

The documentary will feature both new and returning cast members as well as some of the show’s creative team, including executive producers Jonathan Kasdan and Michelle Rejwan.

The show’s most amazing sequences, like the chases across the Shattered Sea and Graydon’s (Tony Revolori) relationship with Kenneth, the cute mudmander who was practical for the series, are seen in a teaser that accompanied the news.

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Along with returning star Warwick Davis, the series’ young cast is highlighted. This gives us a better understanding of how the ensemble cast, which also features Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman, Dempsey Bryk, Ellie Bamber, and Amar Chadha-Patel, forms the series’ heart while also pulling off crazy stunts and making the audience laugh until they cry.

Willow Behind The Magic Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

The trailer adopts the same lighthearted tone as the show itself, moving away from the stereotypical, dry documentary setup and investing more heavily in the comedic potential of Davis’s inflated ego while developing the show—the same Office-style humor that first appeared in early series promotions.


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The documentary appears to be the ideal filler for the vacuum left by viewers seeking additional content as they wait, hopefully, for a season two renewal. The trailer gives the impression that making of was just as labor-intensive as crafting the series itself.

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On January 25, Willow: Behind the Magic will make its Disney+ debut. In the meanwhile, you can watch all eight episodes of Willow right now online.

Willow Behind The Magic Cast Members: Who Are In It?

Ellie Bamber, Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman, Tony Revolori, Amar Chadha-Patel, Dempsey Bryk, and Joanne Whalley are featured in “Willow” as well. Executive producers include Kathleen Kennedy, Michelle Rejwan, Jonathan Kasdan, Tommy Harper, Wendy Mericle, Roopesh Parekh, Ron Howard, and Samie Kim Falvey.

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Jonathan Kasdan, Hannah Friedman, and John Bickerstaff are the authors. Max Taylor, Julia Cooperman, Hameed Shaukat, and Stephen Woolfenden are the producers.

Who Are the Makers of Willow?

The series’ producer and original film’s director, Ron Howard, claims in the teaser that it is “not nostalgia,” but rather “very forward-thinking.” This statement seems to ring true for the show, which has amassed a devoted and devoted fanbase since its debut in late November.


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The series stands out among Lucasfilm’s many Star Wars offerings as it follows the return of the Nelwyn sorcerer as he joins forces with a new group of adventurers to rescue a prince (Bryk) and save the now-grown Elora Danan (Bamber) from the forces of darkness.

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It is a foray into the high fantasy that combines modern sensibilities (and music!) with a follow-up to the adventure of a lifetime.

Willow Behind The Magic Trailer Details

On January 25, Willow: Behind the Magic will make its Disney+ debut. In the interim, you can view all eight episodes of Willow right now, and you can see the documentary’s trailer down below:

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