Happy Valley Season 4 Release Date: When is the Final Episode of Happy Valley?

Happy Valley has finally returned to the BBC for its third series after a seven-year absence, significantly enhancing our Sunday evenings. As sergeant Catherine Cawood nears retirement, Sarah Lancashire reprises her role in the crime drama.

However, Catherine’s workload isn’t going anywhere as she deals with a fresh murder investigation and Ryan’s call to his father, Tommy (James Norton).

The last episode of the six-part series, which is being released weekly, is scheduled to air on BBC One on Sunday, February 5.

Has Happy Valley Season 4 Been Confirmed?

Although we hate to announce it, it appears that Happy Valley’s third season will be the last.

According to Radio Times, at a BFI Screening, the show’s executive producer Will Johnston revealed there are no plans for Happy Valley to return for a fourth season.


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At the screening, Johnston stated that both Sarah Lancashire, the series’ star, and its creator, Sally Wainwright, had agreed that Happy Valley “would only return once more.”

It’s not coming back, according to Sally and Sarah, who believe that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

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Johnston went on to say “Actually, we’ve stopped doing anything. You still have a few weeks before the conclusion, but when you do, I sincerely hope you’ll feel satisfied that, even if it’s the last time you ever see the Happy Valley characters, it was a fitting way to say goodbye.”

Okay, we’ll need some time to process this information.

When is the Final Episode of Happy Valley?

We’ve already seen four episodes of Happy Valley’s third season, which means there are only two more for us to see.

On February 5th at 9:00 p.m., BBC One will broadcast the very last episode of Happy Valley.


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People, get your tissues ready.

The BBC iPlayer has Happy Valley available.

What Have the Cast and Crew said About the Series Ending?

We need to know how the Happy Valley cast feels about the program coming to an end now that we know we won’t be seeing them again.


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Sally Wainwright, the creator of the show, told GQ that she believes the series finale was an “excellent job” done and will seem like a definitive conclusion.

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“Sarah and I first discussed doing the final series and being very clear that it was a final series while series two was being filmed. Sarah always has a great sense of when to stop doing something. That this is the end of the story would be made crystal apparent, in my opinion, seemed to follow. Although the series has been excellent, we’re going to give it a conclusive ending. You can never predict how things will turn out, but I believe we did a fantastic job.”

The actor who portrays the murderer Tommy Lee Royce, James Norton, told Radio Times that by the end of the third season, the audience will be “reeling.”

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“We must fulfill the extraordinary love that people have for it, as we are all aware. But by the time you conclude, I’m rather certain that you’ll be in shock.”

How Many Happy Valley Television Series Are There?

Happy Valley was always intended to be a three-season story, according to a deal between Lancashire and the show’s award-winning writer, Sally Wainwright. However, the finale is a secret that only a small number of people are aware of.

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